Thursday, November 4, 2010

Plot Happens.

This year, for NaNoWriMo, I am writing a young adult urban fantasy because the Twilight books just piss me off so much. Well, the fourth book pissed me off so much that it made my bemusement with the other three books crumble into hatred. But whatever. That's not really the point.

Why can't I ever stay on topic?

So the basic premise for my novel (called Solstice) is that sixteen year old Gwendolyn Chase fights demons on the streets of Boston until the day, her mother sends her away to a program for troubled teens located out in the middle of nowhere, Vermont. Or New Hampshire. I haven't quite decided yet. She gets sent somewhere in the middle of nowhere New England anyway.

I have some semblance of an idea for a plot that revolves around the kicking of demon ass and the stopping of a massive evil plan but not a whole lot more to go along with it. It's more a "hey, wouldn't it be cool if..." mentality. I'm trying to not worry too much about this because last November, I started with the intention of writing a romance and didn't have a whole lot to go on. I wrote the scene where the two main characters meet and let it happen from there. I really liked where that one went and how that project turned out so there's no reason (yet) to think the plot won't happen to this one.

Except that I am less happy with this new project.

But I am pushing through. Seems the thing to do because it's only just beginning and who the hell knows what's going to happen over the course of the month. Word count doesn't seem to be an issue at all as I have, just this afternoon, crossed the 10,000 word mark. I think that puts me four days ahead. So I have plenty of time to contemplate plot.

A friend of mine suggested to me that plot is overrated. Develop character, he said.

And trust me, I am all about well developed character. I love a well developed character with layers and flaws and all that good stuff. I'm trying to write a kick ass heroine with just those things but so far she's just been sullen and sarcastic. And while that can be fun for a while, I'm going to need something more. She doesn't have a lot of depth to her yet. But that too will come, right?

But as important as character is, I think plot is vital too. Especially when one is writing a book about a teenage demon fighter. In a premise like that, it seems to me that there ought to be some demon fighting. And demon fighting, while certainly character building, seems more like plot to me.

So let's recap. I have no real plot. I have no real character with any real depth to her. And yet, I somehow have over 10,000 words.

I am either a genius or an idiot. I'm afraid it's the latter but let's just say it's the former.

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  1. My take is that the plot and characters have to be developed. I've read books with terrific character buildup but the plot was so boring I couldn't finish the book. Then there are the exciting plots with boring characters. But I believe you are up to the task. So good luck with Nano and write write write and exciting plot with characters people care about!