Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Lesson Learned

I've learned a very valuable lesson this week: I should not be allowed to be responsible for anything come November.

I say this because I have developed a kind of tunnel vision where I see only my NaNoWriMo project (and Harry Potter) and nothing else. This tunnel vision has led me to do things like- oh, I don't know- forget to go to work. I got up all right, on time and all that. I fed the pets and then took a couple of minutes just to scribble down some ideas all quick like in my handy dandy notebook. The couple of minutes turned into just a wee but longer than that.


I also forgot to pay the electric bill. I found that one out when all of a sudden I was typing in the dark. Just kidding. With my current rampant obliviousness, I wouldn't have noticed if I was suddenly typing in the dark. I probably would have noticed when the laptop died though.


The electric bill did bring my attention to my need to pay other bills, most notably the mortgage. I'm almost sure I wrote out the checks correctly and put them in their proper envelopes. Guess I'll know the answer to that soon enough.

I went to the grocery store on Friday just to pick up some essentials (like Joe's lunch) and came home with nothing but an exciting new plot twist. I didn't realize what I had done until I got a call from Joe saying, "Uh...where's my lunch?" Today I tried the grocery store again and this time made it all the way through with at least a handful of items that were on my list (forgotten at home, of course) but when I got to the register to pay, I discovered that the card I had brought with me to cover my purchase was my driver's license. So I was forced to break my 'no running in public' rule and run out to my car to retrieve an actual legitimate form of payment.

I came home and told Joe that I shouldn't be in charge of anything in November, especially not a November where there's a Harry Potter film released. His response?

"But you're in charge of everything."

Fear that.


  1. I know, November is a tough month. My family is well trained on fending for themselves during the month of November. They know to (QUIETLY) slide some food under my writing room door and back away slowly. I have the only teenaged child who complains: pizza AGAIN?!

    Did you get in 'trouble' for missing work?

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week and the rest of your November.


  2. Then I guess you won't be coming with us to post a sign in the crazy tree cozy knitting lady's yard. See what you miss in November? Come up for air!!!