Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Halfway Point

We're a couple of days past the Halfway point in the NaNoWriMo experience. I was supposed to be at 25,000 words by Monday. And I wasn't. Blame the holiday weekend. I do.

I spent most of the day yesterday trying to get caught up and I came damn close to it but still fell a little short. I did manage to cross the 25,000 word mark (finally) and whittled down the number of days it would take for me to finish. I will now finish on December 3rd. I think that's progress, right?

I actually went back and looked at the blogs I was writing last November to see if I was doing this poorly last year. And there was a good stretch of time when I was behind. Of course, last year the NaNoWriMo people didn't have a status chart that would tell you the average numbers of words you were writing and on what day you could expect to finish. I was loving this chart back at the beginning of the month when it said I'd finish on November 25th. Now that it's bumped me back into December, I'm loving it a little less.

However, I still think I can pull it off. Of course, I have Harry Potter weekend coming up, followed by Black Friday weekend so there's plenty of time for me to screw this up.

I know. That's the spirit, isn't it?

In the good news category: a plot is starting to take shape. It always amazes me (I say 'always' like this isn't just the second time I've attempted this) that a person can write so many words without having a definite direction in which to head. But it's starting to come together now. There is still some doubt as to whether I am actually smart enough to write this book but I guess we'll have that answer by the end of the month. I'm just kind of fumbling along and waiting to see where I end up.

And just as the plot is starting to come together, so are the characters. I've started a list in my handy dandy notebook (NAME THAT REFERENCE!) of sentences that could work as openings to character development. Some of them are starting to gain some depth. Woo Hoo. Go me.

I also have written into the story a Belgian Malinois. Last year, my main character ended up with a German Shepherd and so this year, when I decided to write in a dog, I had to go with the Malinois. Seemed only fair. Joe says this means that next year, I'll have to write in a Miniature Schnauzer. Which I will. Unless I have managed to talk him into letting me have my third dog by then. This means I will likely be writing about a Miniature Schnauzer or living on my own with three dogs.

Anyway, I have 2,361 words to go tonight in order to get caught up. I have absolutely no idea what those words might be. I am encouraged by the fact that yesterday, I came up with over 4,000 words and when I started the day, I had no idea what they were going to be either.


  1. oooh!!! A reference from Nick JR!!! I can do this one!!!! BLUES CLUES!!

    Can't do a reference for grown up tv..but bring on the preschool shows

  2. Well, at least you have a child who once watched these preschool shows.

  3. So do you NaNo people have nightmares about ghostly words chasing after you down dark passages, calling out in otherworldly voices, "Why? Why have you forsaken me?" And "Your word count is shameful!"

    Hell yeah on the Harry Potter 7. I just need to find a damned babysitter so the hubs and I can go see it (fortunately I am married to a fellow Potterhead).

  4. KLM- I actually had that nightmare this morning...

    I hope you enjoy the movie when you find your sitter and get to see it. I certainly did.

  5. Hi! We're giving you a blog award. Come over to pick it up then pass it on! :)