Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tomorrow Is Only A Day Away

Tomorrow I will mostly likely be posting the winner and answers to the TV Quote Quiz. Alison is currently in the lead with 11 correct answers but we're still waiting to hear from Jake...Apparently this quiz was kind of hard because Alison has requested that should she win, the next quiz be comprised of shows for which she can stay awake. The collected works of Joss Whedon it is, Alison!

Tomorrow is also my DAY OFF. I am SO excited to have a day off. And what's even better is that tomorrow isn't my ONLY day off. That's right, kids. I have ANOTHER day off. Can you feel the excitement?

I'm looking forward to it. You know, in case my use of ALL CAPS wasn't clear enough. I'm looking forward to being able to explore more fully the recently conceived twists and turns of Second Nature. I'm looking forward to being able to try and untangle the new problems that the recently conceived twists and turns of Second Nature inadvertently conceived. I thought briefly about just forgetting about the problem causing revelation but, as it turns out, I can't unthink things I've already thought.

Life would be so much easier if I could.

So I'll be working on that tomorrow. You know, somewhere in between doing the dishes and the laundry and the vacuuming and the general house cleaning that has been woefully neglected during the time spent on my sickbed (aka the couch). And while I would rather spend my day getting caught up on The Vampire Diaries or Caprica or watching reruns of Firefly (best gorram show in the 'verse.), I find that doing mindless work (meaning things about which I do not have to think) can often be conducive to problem solving so maybe I'll kill a whole mess of birds with one stone.

Or maybe I'll spend my day staring at a little blinking cursor.

Only one way to find out.

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