Saturday, October 16, 2010

Television Week In Review (Week Ending 10/15/10)


The Amazing Race: The teams spend another day in Ghana and the race reveals its most diabolical challenge yet. Locate Ghana on a map. That's right, folks. A map. I'm glad Team Glee is in first place and I'm glad that the father and son came in last on a non elimination leg. Here's hoping they came make up time next episode. One other thing that's really bothering me: Where do the producers or casting people or whoever find these major jackwagons to be on the show? There are always some verbally abusive assholes who spend entirely too much time screaming at their girlfriends. It's not good television. It's aggravating.


Chuck: I was a little bored with this episode but fortunately, there was a coup d'etat and Chuck had to bust out the kung fu. I think Joe perked up when Sarah broke out the bikinis. I absolutely loved the marble statue of Awesome.

How I Met Your Mother: The gang discusses what makes someone a true New Yorker and I have to say, if that what truly makes someone a New Yorker, I never want to be one because there's no way in hell I'd kill a cockroach with my bare hands. Other than that, it was a pretty damn funny episode. I really loved Marshall's theme song and seeing Rajit (not sure how to spell his name, sorry) again. Loved all the Maury sightings and how Barney let Robin win. Question though: how would a restaurant that nice have a cockroach on the frakking table? I may never go to New York City again. At least not without a bubble.

House: This was an odd opening, too horror filmy for me. The medical mystery was also a little odd but I figured it out before House's team did. Looking forward to next week's episode though because I'm thinking House babysitting is a comedic gold mine. Or at least it could be.


Glee: The group sings duets. Lots and lots of duets. My favorite was Kurt's non duet and then Rachel and Kurt's duet at the end. That's the song I'll be downloading.

Caprica: Okay, so I didn't get this episode watched but Joe and I did watch last week's episode and were quickly returned to where we were when we last looked in on this series. Frakking confused. I never know what's going on, not really anyway. I only have fuzzy theories but I really love this show. It's stylistically gorgeous and I am confident that eventually I'll understand what the frak is happening.


The Middle: Cross country gets cut and Axl gets suspended from school. Brick locates a magic kit and makes the remote disappear. I don't really remember much from this episode. I just know it didn't make me laugh as hard as some of the previous outings have.

Modern Family: Claire and Mitch team up to tell the other's significant other the truth about Cam's bike shorts (love that they were pixelated) and Phil's lack of funny. Claire goes through with her part of the bargain but Mitch chickens out. Alex tries to make friends with the popular girl and almost pulls it off. It was hilarious to start and then sad at the end.


Bones: David Allen Grier guested as this week's squint-ern and he was hilarious. I generally like him in whatever he's doing and I really liked him in this role. I hope he shows up again, someday somewhere down the line. No Hannah sighting but apparently, she'll be shot when the show returns from its baseball hiatus. I would care more about the hiatus if Boston were one of the teams playing. Frakking New York.

The Big Bang Theory: Raj's big ass giant desk was really damn funny. Howard's dream sequence featuring Katee Sackhoff and George Takei was pretty funny, at least the part where Katee asked George how he deals with being typecast. The rest is kind of creepy, as most things concerning Howard are.

Community: How funny is this damn show? It's a frakking riot every single week. I love their writers so very much and this week's space travel themed episode was hysterical. I especially got a kick out of the new school flag and the City College's space flight simulator's initials (CCCP). And do you want to talk about product placement? Kentucky Fried hilarity.

30 Rock: The live episode. I didn't watch it live but it was funny in that live episode kind of way. I thought the stand-ins were particularly brilliant (Julia Louis-Dreyfuss acted as Tina Fey's stand in. I don't know who Alex Baldwin's stand in was, but he was quite good looking). The Capitol One product placement was very well done and I always like seeing Jon Hamm and Matt Damon make an appearance.

Project Runway: The final challenge before the finale. The designers were supposed to be inspired by New York City. Both Joe and I were shocked that the judges loved Michael C's dress as much as they did because, as Joe put it, it was a dress inspired by a dress. And I was surprised that they didn't just put Mondo in the finale automatically as he's the only one who really deserves to be there. Much more than Two Faced Gretchen. Of course, I really don't like her so I could just be biased. C'mon, Mondo. Bring it.


Supernatural: All right, this week's episode focused on Bobby and was great for many, many reasons. I enjoyed his interactions with the next door neighbor quite a lot. Plus, Badger put in an appearance and I always like it when he shows up. But, since I didn't get to write about last week's episode, I just wanted to take a moment to talk about the "I'll be in my bunk" sighting of a shirtless Sam Winchester. The only drawback was that he was wearing jeans. At least they were low rise jeans, amirite, ladies? I was going to end this blog with a screen shot of shirtless Sam Winchester but I can't find a good one. If I knew how to take a screen shot, I would remedy this problem immediately.

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