Saturday, October 9, 2010

Television Week In Review (week ending 10/08/10)

All right, so I've already discussed how my television watching schedule was demolished this week by my highly inconvenient work schedule. Stupid day job. As a result, this will be an abbreviated review.


The Amazing Race: The teams travel to Ghana. Brooke is shrill and annoying but Miss Kentucky is even more shrill and even more annoying. The taxi ride scene at the end reminded me of driving around with Sergei and Boris when I was in Russia. Only add snow and ice to the mix.


Patriots at Miami: Only got to watch the second quarter of this game. And of course, during the second quarter of this game, my beloved Pats seemed determined to lose. Oh, how I wish I could have watch the second half because DAMN, I bet it was awesome. 41-14, Patriots. Oh hell, yeah. Note to Tom: I still want you to cut your hair. Who cares what Gisele wants?


Glee: I am really very glad that I was able to watch this show this week because I found it to be exceptionally well done. You know how I love television that makes and laugh and moves me to feel something and well, several times during the course of this episode, I was moving from gales of laughter to (yes, I admit it) tears. Lea Michele is such an amazing powerhouse singer and I love it whenever she sings, but I thought she was especially impressive tonight. Same goes for Chris Colfer whose rendition of "I Want To Hold Your Hand" was one of those teary eyed times. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Caprica: All right, so I didn't get this episode watched but I still wanted to list it here because I can imagine it only leads to good things for the series. I did DVR the episode though because I am really looking forward to seeing where the hell this series is headed. Loved the first half of the season or series or whatever. Hope they can keep it up.


The Middle: Oh my god, I was so Sue when I was in school. Kudos to the actress who plays her because she does such a good job of playing awkward. Such a good job, in fact, that I find her painful to watch at times. I also adore how she wears her cross country sweatshirt everywhere. Brick was also hi-larious tonight when he discovered that his mother some times lies. Especially when he came into the bedroom to announce that he'd been making that face for an hour now and it had yet to stick that way. And then when he said he got a ride home with a stranger and everything was fine.

Modern Family: An earthquake shakes things up. Claire gets stuck in the bathroom with a plumber and Phil leaves her there so he can anchor a fallen bookshelf to the wall the way he told Claire he did months earlier. Loved when Luke, after avoid being hit by the bookshelf, ran straight into the wall. Nathan Lane also showed up at Cam and Mitch's friend Pepper. Loved him and loved Cam and Mitch's costumes.


Bones: A Jersey Shore boy dies and Brennan gets to amuse everyone (ourselves included) but sharing the knowledge she's gleaned from watching the documentary "Jersey Shore". Booth's girlfriend moves into Booth's apartment and awkwardness ensues. Oh, and slowly but surely, everyone is finding out about Angela's pregnancy but swears to act surprised when Hodgins actually gets to break the news.

Project Runway: Everyone has to design a look for Heidi Klum's really boring and frumpy looking New Balance line. There was an insane amount of drama, first in the workroom when Heidi offered a couple of harsh critiques (Heidi Klum is apparently a size 6) and then later when the producers were stupid enough to let Ivy back in. Talk about sour grapes. Anyway, Andy received a well deserved victory and his three looks are now available for purchase on amazon. I went out and looked at them because I really loved the zip hoodie he made. It turns out the hoodie is $158. Now I love it less.

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