Saturday, October 2, 2010

Television Week In Review (week ending 10/01/10)

It's back! My television viewing habits on display for you to read and enjoy and judge. I add the judging bit because I know it happens. Joe is also of the mind that I watch too much television. Just because I have taken to begging him to get a second DVR for our household (damn the cable account being in his name!!), not to mention Showtime so I can watch the newest season of Dexter in real time...

Anyway, this is what I've been watching and what I think about it. If you're new to this segment, be forewarned that it WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS. As always, I welcome your opinions on any and all of what follows.


Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots: A much better experience than that debacle from the week before. Though I will admit to doing my fair share of screaming at the television. Joe was much amused by this. The neighbors, probably less so.

The Amazing Race: I received the following email from my brother following the airing of this episode: "Instead of Amazing Race 17, I am proposing that they change this year to Amazing Race: Idiots on Parade. Seriously disturbing level of stupidity on display last night. I realize the first show is full of jitters and excitement that generally leads to stupid mistakes but getting so lost in an English Speaking Country is ridiculous. Asking everyone standing around if their name is 'Battlement' is also stupid. Indicating that you are in the country of London is silly. I also want Miss Kentucky gone and I want her gone now. Or, at the very least, I want the producers to just remove her audio and replace it with subtitles. She will make some deaf guy very happy some day. However, high speed watermelons to the face are spectacular."

In case you missed it, here's what he's talking about:

I have to say that I wholeheartedly agree with my brother's assessment. Only I would have included the watermelon girl's partner (I think her name is Brooke) in the "subtitles, please" category along with Miss Kentucky. How can people watch this show and think that the state of American Education is good? Next week, the teams travel to Ghana. Be prepared for some truly Ugly American moments. I just know they're coming and that they'll be cringe inducing and will make me want to throw watermelons at all their faces.


How I Met Your Mother: Wayne Brady is back at Barney's brother, James. In this episode, the gang packs up Barney's mother's house and discovers all the lies Barney's mother has told her son throughout the years. It wasn't the best episode by a long shot (slap bet, anyone?) but there were still some funny moments. I read someone's opinion online at who claimed that this show peaked two years ago. Comments?

House: I didn't like last week's premiere at all. I thought it was exceptionally boring. Cuddy has a daughter, for crying out loud. Shouldn't she have stopped screwing Dr. Crankypants in order to go home and see her daughter? But whatever. I told Joe I suspected that this season would improve once they got back into the hospital and back to their regular routine. And I was right. This episode was much improved over last week. It was interesting, it was funny and it was heart breaking. I dare you not to watch the patient of the week's final scene and get teary eyed.

Castle: Last week's premiere wasn't bad but it just reminds me that I'm not totally head over heels in love with this series. But I am head over heels in love with Nathan Fillion and so I shall continue to watch. This week, a psychic gets killed and ends up in a sofa and the psychic's daughter makes a prediction that Beckett's life will be affected by (and possibly saved by) a man named Alexander. Come to discover that Castle's middle name is Alexander. Just not sure I care. Couldn't we just have more Firefly instead?

Chuck: I get to watch this show thanks to my Time Warner Primetime on Demand feature. Thanks, Time Warner (now can I have a second DVR?)! Last week, again, I thought the premiere was a little clunky (you'll be reading that assessment a lot in this entry). They were trying too hard to both advance time and explain to us what had happened in between the finale and the premiere. This week,Chuck and Sarah go to Milan's fashion week. Hijinks ensue. Meanwhile, the Buy More is ultra efficient (and is staffed by the guy from the Old Spice commercials) and is freaking everyone out. Still no sign of Big Mike but I'm guessing he'll be showing up soon enough. They did keep him in the opening credits after all.


Glee: It's Britney, bitch. This episode made me laugh a lot which is nice because I like the funny episodes. Last week, when Rachel and Sunshine were singing whatever song they were singing in the girls' room and Sue Sylvester came in and snapped "Cut it out!", it was hysterical. This week, everyone sang Britney songs and I think the writers worked in the songs better than when they did the Lady Gaga themed episode in the first season. Still, I hate seeing Will take it so hard on the chin and stumble so badly. He's a nice guy and I want nice things for him but watching him fumble through life tonight was sad. And speaking of sad and gasp inducing, did you see the preview for next week? Now, I'm reasonably assured that nothing permanent will happen to Kurt's dad because Mike O'Malley is now a series regular but I LOVE KURT'S DAD and I will be devastated if something bad happens.


The Middle: Tonight, the Heck family has to decide whether to attend Sue's first cross country meet or Axl's all important Homecoming football game. Sue, who is totally me in high school, is clueless but well intentioned, Axl is a sarcastic jerk (LOVE HIM!) and Brick is asked to rake leaves and wants to first keep them in his bedroom and then, when that idea is rejected, he asks to set them free. Everyone learns valuable life lessons, including Frankie who runs out onto the football field when Axl takes a hard hit. Love it when Axl looks up at the team and hismother and says, "please tell me I'm dead!" and then later when Mike tells Frankie that it's not a written down rule that it's bad to run out onto the field when you think your son is hurt because everyone agreed that it was too obvious to write down.

Modern Family: This show makes me laugh so very, very hard. I absolutely love Gloria giving Jay a hard time for mocking her culture and getting him to slap the chickens and walk around the house wearing his shoes around his neck. Hi-larious. Loved Phil jumping at the opportunity to help Jay with the printer and then all the hoops he jumped through to get the damn thing to work. Especially because it did work and Luke and Manny thought it was the ghost of Gloria's grandmother haunting the place. And then Cam trying to kiss Mitchell and falling over the side of the couch onto the floor. And the fight between Claire and Haley and Alex...oh my god. Do you understand why I love this show? It's so frakking awesome and real.


A little disclaimer about Thursdays. The network programming jerks have put too many of my favorite shows on at THE EXACT SAME TIME and until I do have a second DVR, I am at the mercy of my Primetime On Demand channel which updates whenever it updates so I may be a little inconsistent with my Thursday reviews. Just so you know.

The Big Bang Theory:: Tonight's episode made me laugh very, very hard. I love Leonard's sarcasm and Sheldon's, well, everything. Good God, Jim Parsons is hysterical. So glad he got himself an emmy for this role because he deserved it. Hard to pinpoint my favorite moment but it was probably the scene where Raj suggests that Sheldon jog with Penny and the scene where Howard "translates" for him.

Community: One of my favorite new shows from last season. I heart Joel McHale. Last week, the gang tangled with Betty White (hilarious when she said "okay, I'll attack you with this weapon and you defend yourself with respect."). This week, the gang meets Drew Carey when Jeff attends a party at his old law firm. I haven't watched The Price is Right very much since Bob Barker left (sorry, Drew. Nothing personal.) so I was shocked and disconcerted by Drew's appearance. My favorite line of the night belonged to Abed (of course) when in response to Jeff's question about whether the campus was becoming more and more of a cartoon every day responded, "I painted a tunnel on the side of the library. When it dries, I'm going for it."

Bones: Last week's premiere was odd. I don't like it when the show veers too far away from their formula. You're a procedural show, stick with it. Anyway this week, things start to get back to normal. The gang gets to meet Booth's girlfriend and they solve a murder. I just had a feeling at it was the park ranger guy the very first minute I saw him on screen. And, here's something else...didn't he play the murderer in another episode on Bones? Because if he didn't, it must have been his brother or something because I swear it was the same guy. I'll check IMDB later.

Project Runway: I don't think I've blogged about PR since it started up. Here's what I think about it: I hate Gretchen and Mondo's going to win. Yeah. I don't really think I have anything to add to that, really.

The Office: It used to be funnier. Granted, there were some funny moments to be had in tonight's episode but I miss the earlier seasons. Still, I love how Pam managed to get herself promoted to Office Administrator.


Supernatural: This was a shape-shifter episode and I hate shape shifter episodes because shape shifters are DISGUSTING. The scene where Sam and Dean take the baby to the grocery store is great. I don't know what Samuel and company is up to but I don't like them and I want them to be gone as soon as possible. By the end of this episode, Dean leaves Lisa and Ben behind and goes back on the road. Just in time to catch up with Castiel. The previews also suggest that Sam will be taking off his shirt. Woo Hoo!


  1. oh i am all about a tv themed blog post.

    glee:i totally agree about will. honestly, it was hard to watch.

    thursday: i really wish BBT was back on mondays as i really liked my thursday nbc lineup. now i have to dvr some things. and i find myself going from BBT to 30 rock but during the season premiere of BBT, it ran until 8:31 which made me miss some 30 rock. and mama dont like missing her 30 rock. so yes, im going to need some type of written schedule. or maybe just to get a life. nah.

  2. Stopped by as I also like GSD's and SK Penman. Not TV though. :)

  3. Tammie- I do love 30 Rock. It wasn't posted on the Primetime on Demand channel when it came time to post this review. I did find it to be particularly hilarious though.

    Troutbirder- I generally only blog about TV once a week. =)

    Thank you both for stopping by!

  4. You know I had the same thought about the guy on Bones. I think it is just that he is an active member of Hollywood's henchman union ;) He is just on every show that he is so familiar, you automatically know who did it. I did think he was on Bones before, but only listed once. I'm not going to go through every episode to double check.

  5. I swear he was on the episode that started off with the Doberman finding the arm bone in the woods. He was the guy who was all, "I swear he's never done anything like this before!" I think it was a Gormagon episode or maybe a Howard Epps one. He was an assistant to one of them.

  6. Postal worker. Epps was mailing letters to him. Now I'll have to try and figure out the episode and find out who it actually was.

  7. The episode is "The Blonde in the Game"