Tuesday, October 5, 2010


So today I wanted to write something funny and clever, something witty and amusing, something to delight the masses. I was going to introduce a new segment I intended to call "Top Ten Tuesdays" which would feature a Top Ten list of my favorite whatever (episodes of Firefly, for example...unless I've already blogged about that. Oh well, I can blog about it again.) but I received some sad news yesterday and it's the latest in a series of sad news and so today, I am sad and have decided to pull you all down along with me.

Just kidding. I mean, I am sad and I am going to tell you why but my aim isn't to make anyone else sad. It's just to share.

I have a group of friends with whom I train dogs. We've all been going to same place for quite a few years now (Big is seven, after all and has been attending classes at this school since he was a year old) and so you get to know them and their puppies and you care about them and their puppies and so when they fall upon hard times, it makes you sad.

Some of these friends have had to say good bye to too many puppies of late. One is too many so having to say good bye to more than one I can only imagine is hell. It just reminds me more and more how not prepared for this eventuality I am.

Last night, I found out that a friend, Jolene, had to have her dog, Dakota put down after a heartbreaking struggle with both cancer and diabetes. This especially broke my heart because Dakota was the Gator Girl's best friend (Sorry, Ori, but it's true.).

Dakota was a big 100 pound Doberman who, in a long standing tradition among big dogs, was a big baby. He was incredibly sweet and friendly...as long as you didn't try to touch his butt because he did not care for that at all. And even if you did try to touch his butt, the most he would do would be to just jump out of your reach.

The first time the Gator Girl met Dakota, she was intimidated. She was intimidated to the point that she peed all over the floor when he looked in her direction. She got over it though and grew to absolutely worship him. This adoration led to another dog in the class developing what could only be described as seething hatred and jealousy toward the Gator Girl.

But the Gator Girl didn't care. She would play and run and wrestle with Dakota every chance she got. If she was next to him in class, she couldn't focus on anything else. Once, she jumped out of the car window because she thought she saw him in the parking lot. Of course, she was tethered to the door at the time and ended up briefly cutting off her oxygen supply all for a Doberman who wasn't her very favorite boy.

The Gator Girl is nothing if not loyal. And slightly demented.

Even Big liked Dakota and Big, as a general rule, does not enjoy other dogs. He likes them just fine if they stay far, far away from him but he always liked Dakota.

So my heart is breaking right now for Jolene and for my pups' lost friend. I am beyond glad that Dakota is not suffering anymore because I know how hard things were at the end but still, it's sad. . I wish I had a picture of him because I would post it now. However, I am sad and so I think I'll post a picture of Big wearing his super cool shades because that's a picture that always puts a smile on my face.

I hope it makes you smile too.


  1. love the picture.

    ive had a lot of pets throughout my adult life and the putting down of a pet never gets any easier.

  2. Hullo Nawriblomo writer! congratulations on another day of writing! Sorry to hear of you sadness and I have to say our family lost a puppy in a most tragic and horrible manner which I will not share with you because I simply can't. Suffice it to say that my family and I are on a campaign to help people to understand the dangers of plastic and animals.

  3. I'm sorry to hear that. It is sad when that happens to a loved pet.

    The picture did make me smile. :)

  4. I'll be honest... I couldn't read this entire post. I started NaBloWriMo off - very first post, about Pebbles, our dog... We had to put her to sleep. We were there for her, for the last breath and I cried and cried... She's a ghost in the house; we constantly think about her and miss her :(