Monday, October 18, 2010

Sick Day

As you can correctly guess from the title of today's blog, I'm still sick. I was supposed to be at work today but I actually called in. You might be wondering what the difference between calling out last week and calling out today might be (or I might be overestimating your interest in such things) and I'll tell you. Last week was Hell Week. Last week was a deluge of shipment containing the god awful snowflake sweaters and all their fairisle relatives. To call out last week would have been a disaster. Calling out today when the worst is over is nothing. So that's what I did.

I seem to have regained the ability to eat real actual food that isn't a saltine cracker which is nice because I MISS CHOCOLATE. However, in place of the stomach flu, I have apparently developed bronchitis or something akin to it as I am coughing so hard and so frequently that I have bruised my ribs and tweaked my back.

Frakking Super Flu.

So I popped a couple of cold medicine pills this morning, the kind that, for me, lead to being really stoned or really comatose. Yes, I am such a light weight where these things are concerned that I have to have the children's cold medicine if I want to be able to function. Fortunately, I do not wish to function today. I am taking an honest to goodness sick day. No dishes, no laundry, no vacuuming, no errands, no anything that isn't me lying on my back on the couch, covered with afghans and my leopard print snuggie, moaning and groaning my way through a Robin Hood Marathon followed by a Legend of the Seeker marathon.

That is, if I just don't outright pass out.

But before I head off to the couch, I thought I'd post the following video for you. It makes me laugh and I hope it does the same for you.

Happy Sick Day, everyone.

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  1. Thank god for sick days. You've earned it. Now use it. And more, if necessary. :)