Monday, October 11, 2010

Mr. Heat Miser

Well, it's Columbus Day here in the Mount Washington Valley (and you know, in the rest of country too) and Joe and I are experiencing the second of our unexpectedly open days. There's snow on Mount Washington now which generally means we're only a few short weeks away from measurable snow in the valley. This depressed Joe. This will depress me too if we don't get our yard fenced in soon because as much as I love my puppies and would do anything for them, I'm looking forward to the day when I can just open a door and let them outside without having to accompany them on every single bathroom run they need to take throughout a day.

Today we're celebrating this sham of a holiday by sitting around, our teeth chattering, and trying to keep warm underneath piles of blankets (it would be snuggies if only I had taken out of storage) because I haven't turned on the heat yet.

I don't like to turn on the heat until November if I can help it. I'm in the "just put on a hat or a sweater or both and you'll be fine!" club whereas Joe is a proud member of the "stoke the fires of hell because it's frakking cold in here" society. Columbus Day usually marks the beginning of our annual battle over the thermostat. He turns the heat on, I turn it off. We usually make it until the end of October before Joe gets home from work one day before I do and takes advantage of my absence to turn on the heat and keep it on.

Later on in the season, our battle will change. He turns the temperature up and I turn it down. Oil's expensive and I would like to use as little as possible. I keep the temperature in the low to mid sixties (I turn it a little higher when we have guests over) and Joe would crank it to the seventies if I'd let him. Right now, however, I think Joe would like to just set the entire house on fire so he can sit in the middle of it and be toasty warm for a change.

Because, yes, it might be just slightly on the cold side in the house this morning. All right, so maybe it's actually warmer outside the house than inside it but come on, we're both New England raised. We should be used to the cold by now, right? So what if you can't feel your fingers, Joe? It's not like you're using them for anything today anyway.

This is also the time of year when Joe starts up with the "I want to live in Arizona" (or insert any warm weather state) talk. I am always forced to counter with "We cannot move our sun sensitive German Shepherd to the land of the sun." He then switches Arizona for North Carolina which goes great until I point out that they have snow and ice storms there as well. Then Joe's head explodes.

It's very messy.

But all told, we'll probably turn on the heat today (just don't tell Joe I said that). It's not even sixty degrees in the house right now and it feels silly to open the doors and windows in order to get some warm air in here. This means the rest of my day (before agility class anyway) will be spent taking the heaters apart so I can vacuum out all the dog hair that accumulates inside there all summer long. No matter how often I vacuum (and it's a lot), there's always an insane amount off dog hair in the heaters.

And that just makes me nervous.

Hope you're all enjoying a warm and happy (sham) holiday weekend.


  1. I rememeber Mr. Heat Miser from that Christmas show. Yeah, its been plenty hot. I'm ready for some good thunder and lightning storms. I love a good rain.

    Stephen Tremp

  2. LOL, I remember spending years with the turn-the-heat-up/turn-the-heat-down routine (in Florida that more often was the tale of the AC). I was overjoyed at our new place in Oregon that the heat is controlled separately in each room! Great post, did you ever turn the heat on? We've having to here, a bit.


  3. Stephen- I've had the Heat Miser song from that special stuck in my head ever since I wrote this post. I need desperately to get another song stuck in my head.

    Nonficwriter- I didn't get the heat turned on. I was distracted by writing and never got around to vacuuming out the heaters before I had to leave for class. I did get the snuggies out of storage though so at least I'm a little warmer...I'll be breaking out the gloves next.