Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Maybe Tomorrow...

The only thing today that worked out according to plan was that the Gator Girl was tired enough to sleep until 8am. This is a major feat and one of which I am immensely proud. Joe didn't think it could be done but I showed him. It just took hours and hours and hours of play but I made it happen.

Other than that, nothing worked out according to plan. It's all right though. I'm used to it. I got stuff done, just mostly boring housework stuff. One question: how is it that the damn laundry is never done? I mean, c'mon! It's just the two of us in this house because neither the dogs nor the cats generate all that much in the way of wardrobe. But the laundry is never done. We're just going to have to stop wearing clothes or using towels and bedsheets because the insanity has to stop. I'd really love a day that doesn't require me to run the washing machine. Maybe if I buy a ton more clothes. Then we could go longer before having to do a load, right?

I'll run that idea past Joe. I'm sure he'll be thrilled.

One other thing that has worked out according to plan is that I am now in possession of tickets to a midnight show of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part One. Yes, tickets are on sale already and yes, I have already purchased mine. I'm honestly surprised that I waited this long to acquire them because I AM OBSESSED. Now the problem becomes the waiting. I really, really would like to go to the theatre now and get in line in order to get the very best seats possible but I have been told that this is somewhat...what was the word used? INSANE and thus, I am forcing myself to wait. Last premiere, my sister, B, and I arrived at the theatre two and a half hours early (it was as early as I could get her to go) and the line was already out the door and wrapping around the corner of the building and, in our particular theatre, all the good center seats were taken. The seats we ended up with didn't completely suck but still, they weren't what I had been hoping for. So this year I'm thinking we need to get there like three hours early. At the very least.

What do you think, B? Can you do three hours (or more?)?

So I did laundry and dishes and vacuuming (although not the heaters. It's still quite cool in my office.) and swept and washed the kitchen floor. I even cleaned the bathrooms. I did the grocery shopping which took so much longer than usual because the damn grocery store is in the midst of a major remodel and everything's in a different spot. I am a creature of habit and I need things to be in the same place. I hope the remodel is done soon because trying to figure out exactly where they're keeping the alfredo sauce is much too taxing.

Plus, it cut into my writing time. But because I am nothing if not marginally flexible, I have revised my plan and will spend all day tomorrow working on various aspects of various WIPs. NaNoWriMo starts Monday night (you can find me under M.J. Fifield if you're interested) and I want to get things out of the way before then. Besides, the original goal I set for myself back in January had me hitting the 200,000 work mark by Halloween. Since I'm currently sitting at 182,905 words, that's probably not going to happen. I'd say I've made my peace with my imminent failure but that would make me a Big Fat Liar.

I don't like not reaching my goals.

Maybe if I spent a little less time writing quotes quizzes (no matter how much fun they are) the by, I will be announcing the winner and answers of the TV Quote Quiz tomorrow (yeah, I know that's what I said yesterday. Big Fat Liar, remember?). So, until then, Live Long and Prosper. (this, by the way, did not appear on the quotes quiz.)


  1. Sounds like you had a productive day, even if it wasn't planned that way - it was still productive!

    I'm with you on the laundry! It's just me and my husband, but I end up doing laundry at least twice a week. It's mostly because he works with chemicals and changes cloths a minimum of 3 times a day... and some of those cloths are beyond repair - into the rag piles they go, but else can you do?

  2. If you buy more clothes there will only be more clothes to wash, sadly. Trust me, I had six kids in the house at one point. I did laundry until I thought I would turn into a laundry basket. Only a few more days until we are done with NaBloWroMo-- I can't believe October flew by so quickly congratulations to you!

  3. unfortunately I have NO entries in my blog for October.