Friday, October 22, 2010

Jupiter Is Seven Today

I'll post the answers to yesterday's move quote quiz tomorrow so if you were worried about that you can rest easy now. The answers will be coming. But today is devoted to my niece, Jupiter, because today is her birthday.

Isn't is funny how time just goes by so freaking fast? I can't believe Jupiter is seven years old today. It's amazing. I know everyone says that and then everyone says how, just yesterday, the child in question was just this little itty bitty thing but the reason everyone says that is that it's true. I have, at work, a poster board on which I pasted several pictures of the dogs and my godchildren and of Jupiter and I was looking at them the other day when I was wading my way through an endless sea of argyle. All the kids' pictures need updating because they're all so much older and bigger now but I was looking at the pictures and having that "but they were so little" moment over and over again.

And today, Jupiter is seven.

It seems like only yesterday that I was standing on a street corner in Ekaterinberg with her on my hip, pointing at a giant picture of Yoda and trying to get her to say "Yoda." She did.

Now , some days, you can't get her to stop talking and I'd fall over if I tried to carry her on my hip.

On my last visit with Jupiter, we sat in my mother's living room and she taught me how to draw a picture of an evil pig. I'll figure out how to post a picture of one here because I absolutely love it. I asked her to draw one for me in my notebook because hers were just so much better than mine.

So today's blog is going to be short, word wise. But I am going to post some pictures here of Jupiter, recent pictures that were taken this summer when she came to stay with Joe and me for a couple of days. I didn't blog about it then, probably because I was so busy trying to clean fruit roll up off everything (how do kids manage to get so sticky so very fast?) or fish her out of whatever river she'd managed to fall into this time (she had two from which to choose and I'm pretty sure she managed to fall into both). This is the same kid who once used to shriek anytime you tried to bring her near water. And now, you can't keep her out of it.

Another highlight from that visit was Jupiter seeing the television in my office (also known as the guest room). It's a little thirteen inch set that I some times have on when I want to listen to the Red Sox play while I work or if I need background noise that isn't music. It's been around forever and has no remote, a concept which was foreign to Jupiter.

"Can you fast forward through the commercials?" she asked me.

"You can't do that on this tv, honey," I said. "It doesn't even have a remote."

"It doesn't have a remote?" she asked, clearly horrified at the idea. "Well, how do you change the channel?"

A sign of the time, for sure.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Jupiter. I hope you get everything you wanted, including that ice cream cake. And next summer, I swear I will take you kayaking.

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