Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Is It January Yet?

Is it January yet? Because I really, really want it to be January.

January is when all the dumb ass snowflake sweaters currently flooding my stockroom will be gone. January is when all the dumb ass extra hours I've been (and will be) working will come to an end. January is when I might actually have the opportunity to look at my WIP again (and MAN, does that thought depress the hell out of me.). The crowds will be gone, the seasonal know nothing employees will be gone and maybe, just maybe, the management team will have gotten their act together.

All right, so that last one is an absolute pipe dream but the rest are true enough.

Of course, January is also the time when the stockroom will be flooded with flip flops (because nothing says January in New England like a big box of flip flops). But still, I really want it to be January.

Because October sucks. At least it's sucked so far and it's not even half way through the month. The stockroom is choked with holiday sweaters, each more ugly than the last, and the management team is at each others' throats. Then the anger trickles down onto the associates. Long time employees are thisclose to committing murder, or at the very least, quitting. Even the brand spanking new associates can feel the tension. I watch each of them walk though the doors all bright eyed and hopeful and I want to tell them to get out, get out while they can. Save themselves because it'll be nothing but shit raining down on them until January.

Oh January. How I love thee.

Anyway, this entry wasn't supposed to be a love sonnet to January. It was supposed to be some choice moments from work today. And there were some. I think.

But that doesn't much matter now because now all I can focus on is January.

I really hope I find the time to vacuum out the heaters before then.

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  1. Oh man, are we opposites. I LOVE October and dislike January. (But, I don't work under 'shit rain', thankfully...or I'm sure I'd change my mind.)

    Thanks so much for finding my blog. What a treat it is to follow you back to your blog.

    I hope got your heater vacuuming done. :)