Friday, October 15, 2010

Deja Vu?

Today was Day Three of the Great Stomach Flu Experiment and I was up bright and early to make it through another day at work. This was, according to Joe, a stupid thing to do, but trust me, it would have been worse if I hadn't gone to work. It's like that line in Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog: "The world's a mess and I just need to rule it." The same holds true for The Store.

But first I stopped off at the gas station to pick up a couple bottles of ginger ale (they were on special and the right size for the mini fridge at work) for my poor food challenged stomach. I used the remote starter on the car to keep it running while I was in the store because we had a nor'easter roll through down today which made everything very wet and cold. My car has seat heaters and I wanted to use them.

So when I came out of the store, I fumbled with my key fob and tried to unlock the doors. Nothing happened. I blamed the batteries in the key fob and tried to unlock the door the old fashioned way. Nothing happened. I tried just opening the door then and again, nothing happened. In my confusion, I looked up.

That's when I realized that my car was actually the next one over.

You'd think the windows free of dog slobber would've been a clue but, no, it wasn't.

This isn't the first time (sadly) that this has happened.

The first time was particularly hysterical as it occurred just after Joe and I had a discussion about not having to worry about people wanted to steal our car when the dogs were in it because no one in their right mind would try to break into a car with that big of a German Shepherd sitting in the backseat. We always figured that if someone did steal the Gator Girl that they would come back around a few minutes later and drop her off.

Anyway, this one afternoon, I had taken the dogs with me to do errands and when I came out of one store, the car was empty. I think my heart actually stopped. I stood there, stunned, for a moment and stared at the empty car thinking "someone stole my dogs! Someone actually stole my dogs!"

Yeah, they didn't. My car was just the next one over.

I drive a subaru as do a lot of people who live in the Mount Washington Valley. And apparently, we all liked that same color too because my car is everywhere. Of course, my car seems to come with a lot more slobber and hair and biscuit crumbs than the others. Someone sitting in the backseat of my car once said, "it looks like a dog exploded back here." And that would be because Big is so well, big and tall that he's really too big (and tall) for the backseat. He can't sit up properly without his head hitting the ceiling and so there's a lot of dog hair up there. It doesn't come out easily so I mostly just leave it there.

Because I am all about the easy.

And the queasy (how's that for a segue?). I'm supposed to take the Gator Girl to obedience class tomorrow morning but I'm planning on skipping it because I just need to sleep and rest and get well because dammit, I am so over being sick. I miss donuts and chocolate and macaroni and cheese and eating anything that isn't dry toast and saltines.

Here's hoping your weekend is restful and restorative.

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