Wednesday, September 22, 2010


You may be looking at the title for today's blog and be wondering what in the world it could possibly mean. Well, here's the thing...

I'm doing the same thing.

It's a notation I scribbled to myself last week on my way into The Store for six hours of the most fun one can have without having any fun. I wrote it to remind myself of something having to do with Second Nature so that later I could make whatever adjustments to whatever scene to which I happened to be referring. The only trouble is I have absolutely no idea to what it was I happened to be referring.

It's on a page with other random thoughts and notes about a particular scene but WWYHMD? is written in block letters and secured inside a box which leads me to believe it's not necessarily connected with the scene all the other notes are about.

I need a better notation system. Or that herbal supplement that helps you improve your memory. Now if only I could remember what it is...

My sister in law came up with "What Would Young Hot Men Do?" as a possible solution. While that does seem like something I possibly would write, it doesn't really have anything to do with Second Nature. And besides, I know what the young hot men would do. They would fawn over me, fanning me with palm tree fronds and feeding me (in lieu of peeled grapes, mostly because I don't like grapes, peeled or otherwise) cake and brownies. Hmmm. Cake and brownies.

At any rate, it's probably not what WWYHMD? stands for. Probably.

Why Would You Hate Me Dear?
Possible, I guess, since a lot of the characters in Second Nature don't much care for each other, but not likely.

Why Would You Have Me Die? Again, I know they don't like each other but still, I don't think it's right.

What Would Young Haleine Maybe Do? This at least has the name of a character in it. But I don't know why I would care what a younger version of herself would maybe do.

Why Would You Hide My Dog? Now that's just stupid.

What Wicked Young Hoyden Must Do?
There is something wrong with my brain. Probably many somethings.

Where Would You Have Me Dance?
No. Definitely not it.

Ah, well, something to keep in mind as I work today, right?

Second Nature's current word count, by the way, is 176,662. Maybe I can hit 180k by the end of the week. Well, maybe, if I can nail down just what the hell WWYHMD? means.

Note To Self: Full and complete sentences are our friend.


  1. The only thing I can come up with is that you were channeling your protagonist, who is asking, What would you have me do?

  2. What Would Your Handy Man Do? That could be a whole book right there.

  3. What would you have me do actually makes a lot of sense but I'm totally writing down What Would Your Handy Man Do (in a full and complete sentence) in my future novel file.

    Just remind me to start a future novel file...