Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Drive


Joe and I went on a nice Sunday drive this morning, just like the old married couple we are (except that we are neither old nor married). We went to the big ass Large Mart in scenic Ellsworth.

Why did we go to Large Mart (can you name that reference?)? Well, I'll tell you...

I forgot to pack bras. They're sitting in my dryer right now, waiting for me to put them in the suitcase. They're going to have a pretty long wait.

So I went to Large Mart to buy a couple of replacements because the one bra I had actually managed to bring along (you know, the one I was actually wearing) wasn't going to work with all my tops and I do have some standards.

The Large Mart in Ellsworth is the biggest freaking Large Mart I have ever seen. And, apparently, the only women who shop for bras in this particular Large Mart are old ladies with ginormous bosoms and a love affair with a sickening amount of lace because the selection was horrible. Finally, after a stupidly long time spent digging through racks of gaudy and lacy over the shoulder boulder holders (some, I think, would secure Bubble Rock (seen below).) I found a couple that didn't absolutely horrify me (but don't think I didn't seriously consider driving the five hours home in order to get my actual nice bras.)

Bubble Rock (on the right) by Michael Hudson


When we were finished with the Large Mart, we headed to Bass Harbor Headlight and Southwest Harbor. We haven't been to the west side of the island before so it was very nice to make it there this trip. The Island Explorer shuttle runs all the way down here too but as we were already out in the car, we drove ourselves. We had to make our own parking at the Headlight because it was so crowded. Fortunately, we have a car with all wheel drive so we can do things like that (the sedan behind us attempted to do the same thing. They were unsuccessful.) Of course, doing this meant I had to bushwack my way through some brush in order to get back to the road but I am nothing if not a trooper.

Bass Harbor Headlight

We went down and looked at the lighthouse and then walked the Bass Harbor Lighthouse trail (.2 miles, so not at all strenuous.) and climbed on the pink granite shoreline for a bit. I always enjoy scrambling across boulders, more so than Joe, but he gamely followed along.

Following the lighthouse, we drove a little further up the road to the Ship Harbor Nature Trail (1.3 miles). Again, we had to invent our own parking spot as the trailhead was packed. The trail itself is very nice. It starts off wooded and then leads to more of the pink granite shoreline. Very scenic. You know what was especially scenic? The piles of dog shit someone left in the middle of the trail. Yes, Acadia is dog friendly and yes, I really like dogs. It's just their people I find I can't tolerate. You're supposed to PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOGS, people. It's people like you who ruin dog friendly places for the rest of us. You could have at least found a stick (you're in the middle of the frakking woods...there are sticks aplenty) and moved the pile to the edge of the trail or into the woods surrounding the trail so that other hikers would be less likely to step in your dog's shit. This said, I just want to say I didn't step in anything. I happened to notice the pile in time and both Joe and I were able to avoid it but it annoys me and thus this mini rant (plus, I had a very strong whiskey sour at dinner).

Just before we reached the pink granite cliffs, we passed a mother and her pre teen daughter. The daughter was posing in a tree and the mother was taking a picture with her phone. What was absolutely priceless was the mother saying, "You want me to take a picture of you sitting in a tree, picking your nose?"

When we reached the pink granite cliffs, the tide was starting to come it which means the waves were kind of cool. I love the sight of waves crashing on rocks. Last summer, I spent an insanely long time standing out on the rocks by Thunder Hole trying to capture a perfect picture of just that. Unfortunately, I still had a really crappy camera so it didn't work out as wonderfully as I imagined. This summer, I have a new camera with super zoom and a continuous sports capture feature. Unfortunately, I still have the same photographic skill set I had last summer so while I was playing around with the sports capture feature, I ended up taking about eighty pictures of one wave. I could make a really boring flip book if I was so inclined.

After dropping my lens cap and shoulder strap into a tide pool while trying to take a close up photo of a couple of snails (yes, really), Joe and I continued on our way. The Ship Harbor Nature Trail is really an interesting trail. You get a little of everything on this trail and it's still easy enough for families of all shapes and sizes and ages. Plus, there's nature. You know, sea gulls and snails and stuff. We even got to see a deer. Of course, it was really far away and might have been a horse or a cow or - no, just kidding. It really was a deer. It was just really far away. Even my super zoom didn't make that much of a dent on the distance between us. But how impressive are my powers of observation (probably not so much now that I've had that whiskey sour...and some of Joe's beer.), huh?

After conquering the nature trail, we went a little further down the road and took on the Wonder Land trail (1.4 miles round trip). This is a nice cliff walk trail. The path is easy and level but offers multiple opportunities to scramble over some rocks if one so chooses. There were also some inconsiderate dog owners on this trail too. By the way, please stop feeding your dogs whatever it is you're feeding them. It's obviously not agreeing with them.

One of my better wave pictures

The only negative for this trail was the lack of signage. There was one part where we had a choice between left or right and I, on a whim really, picked right. It happened to lead us to the parking lot which I didn't think it would do but there were absolutely no signs to be found on the entire trail. Unexpected. With luck, the signage on the upcoming Mega Hike (this would be the eight plus mile, six peak hike I've been putting together) will be more plentiful.

The Wonder Land trail was our last hiking jaunt of the day. We had lunch in Southwest Harbor at the Quietside Cafe. They have giant chocolate chip cookies. That's really all you need to know about the Quietside Cafe. I mean, yeah, sure their regular food was good but did you hear the part about the giant chocolate chip cookies? So damn delicious. I should have gotten more than one.

Maybe I'll go back tomorrow and do just that. It's supposed to be cool and rainy tomorrow. This is good because then I won't feel bad when this evening's whiskey sour consumption makes me somewhat...reluctant to get out of bed come morning. Good thing Mega Hike isn't scheduled until Tuesday.

The aforementioned snail picture


  1. I cannot comment on this post due to overwhelming amounts of jealousy.

  2. Wasn't last weekend the free admission weekend at the National Parks? Or is it just always that busy.

  3. I have no idea if last weekend was the free admission weekend and I've never been to that side of the island so I don't know if it's always so busy but I know the other side of the island is always that busy this time of year so it didn't surprise me in the least.