Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yard Work

The yard work, it would appear, is now finished.

This is evidenced by the fact that my yard is now a vast sea of hay and the bulldozer has stopped obstructing my view.

There are pictures, of course, and I'll get around to posting those but the exciting part is that the job is finished and the dump truck used to deliver the umpteen loads of loam only created a rut deep enough to lose Max the Wonder Schnauzer in. The loam has been spread, everything's been limed and seeded and covered with hay.

And it's 90 degrees outside without even the smallest chance of rain.

Worst Week To Start Growing A Lawn Ever.

No one will ever accuse Joe or me of having good timing.

So now I am adding "irrigation system" to my vast and impressive resume because now it is my job to keep the newly seeded area moist because if it isn't moist, the seeds won't germinate and then I'll just have a yard full of hay. It took me a couple of hours to water the lawn-area this afternoon because the hoses we had were too short and the sprinklers too maddening. Joe and I made an emergency trip to the Work Bench (this is a very obscure television reference...super ultra mega bonus points for anyone who gets it) and bought a 100 foot hose and a couple of new sprinklers. Fast forward a few hours and I'm bound to return to the Work Bench tomorrow to get a couple more sprinklers.

So whose bright idea was it again to fill the yard with dirt and cover it with grass seed?

Oh...mine? Well then, carry on...

So yeah. I know I was irritated with the contractors before but I can't really complain about them now. All right, so maybe I'm a little less than thrilled by the dump truck ruts but the rest of the project seems to come out right. And the guys finally stopped trying to sell me on the view. They were all like, "Oh, you're going to have a view!" and "What a view you'll have!" It annoyed me because I didn't need to be sold on the view. I knew there was a mountain view. Did they really think I lived in this house for ten freaking years and never realized there were mountains in them dar hills? Whatever...because we are not focusing on that. We are focusing instead on the prospect of having a yard and grass and (Joe hopes) a riding lawn mower.

Unfortunately for Joe, we also kill lawn a lot and every single time we lay down grass seed, torrential rains follow and washes all the seed away. This time it'll probably be me and a hose that causes the seed to wash away or mold or whatever over saturated grass seed does.


So I hope everyone out there enjoyed their Independence Day weekend. Joe and Heather and I sat on the back deck and watched the town fireworks show. The dogs watched with us. The Gator Girl was freaked out but did really well with dealing with it...except for that one time when she tried to make a run for it right through the screen door. Big was bored. Really, really bored. He laid at my feet and sighed. A lot. All Big knew was that his usual Sunday routine (cheeseburgers from Burger King) had been interrupted for absolutely no good reason. Sorry, Big.

Anyway, I've got to run. I'm scheduled to perform a rain dance in a few minutes and I don't want to start late.

Happy July, one and all...

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  1. Isn't the Work Bench from Reaper? I actually managed to stay away for that show! :) Are there any rumors about them bringing it back again?