Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What Goes Up

My horoscope warned me about this. It was probably about a week ago and chose to focus more on the reverse of the title adage. "What goes down must also come up" was their viewpoint which was interesting because it's so very untrue. I mean, gravity is not always the most forgiving thing, you know? If you fall off a cliff into a deep ravine, you might come back up but it won't be an instantaneous thing and will likely be on a stretcher or possibly in a body bag. But they weren't talking about cliffs and ravines, they were talking about moods and life in general.

And they were right. I did have a bad patch that swung back into a good patch where I found missing characters and didn't absolutely hate every single word of my novel.

But now we're back in a down slide. It sucks that the upswing didn't last longer. I probably squandered it. I do that sometimes. My characters are still found. They're just stuck inside some inspirational Hallmark card hell. No matter what I write, it always seems like it'll lead to a scene where everyone involved, heroes and villains alike, will hold hands while skipping around a daisy strewed meadow singing Kumbaya.

Not that that isn't a funny image. Because it is. It really, really is. It's just not exactly what I was aiming for.

The Red Sox, by the way, are also in another down slide. They're now 8 games out of first place in the AL East and 5 games behind Tampa Bay for the wild card. But that sometimes happens too. The good news is that Jacoby Ellsbury is playing in Florida right now and if he can avoid re-injuring himself, he should be back before too much longer.

Always a silver lining.

I'm also a little sad because my baby robins, my little trio, have left the nest, leaving me with a severe case of Empty Nest Syndrome. One day, they were there. The next they were gone. And now they don't call, they don't write. They don't text either. Ungrateful birds. C'mon, I spent so much time looking out for you. Every time the thing (yes, I have two cats that are not things. This cat is an exception) the neighbor calls a cat came stalking by, I chased it off. When it was windy and stormy, I paced the kitchen worrying about you. And how do you repay me? You disappear, just completely disappear. You take your fancy new feathers and ability to fly and do just that. You fly, far, far away. You know, I haven't written a single word since you just up and left me. Did you know that?

Of course, if I did, it would just be a scene where all characters involve, both heroes and villains alike, would hold hands while skipping around a daisy strewed meadow singing Kumbaya.

But still, that would be something.

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