Friday, July 30, 2010

Television Week In Review (week Ending 7/30/10)


The Closer: In tonight's episode, the Major Crimes division investigates the apparent suicide of a supposedly rehabbed meth addict. Sanchez shows up to the crime scene with Reuben, the kid whose father was killed by Fritz in the previous episode. The meth addict didn't actually commit suicide and while it took me a little while to suspect her in-laws, I didn't know which one of them had done it until Brenda confirmed it. This is unusual because I normally have it pegged fairly early in the episode. Fritz and Brenda's argument in the beginning wasn't funny exactly but Gabriel's reaction to it kind of was...even if it was predictable. One question though: What exactly is Commander Taylor still doing on this show? I mean, he's had even less to do so far this season than he has in previous seasons. And one other thing...what was up with the poorly disguised product placement? First those ugly ass Sketcher shape up sneakers and then the kit kat on the table? Stop it. Stop it now. Or, if you can't stop it, don't be so freaking obvious about it.


Hell's Kitchen: Tonight the final four had to teach inept bachelors how to cook monkfish. I watched most of this segment with my eyes closed because the shots of people stripping the skin off the fish carcass was just a shade too much for me. Yes, it's official. If I am ever stranded on a desert island, I will starve to death unless I find a macaroni and cheese tree growing somewhere. My favorite bachelor was the guy Holly taught because he was funny. I loved it when Chef Ramsey asked him what was in the potatoes and the guy answered, "potatoes." And then when he encouraged Chef Ramsey to take his time when sampling the dish. Ramsey's look and Holly's look of absolute horror was priceless. And then when Ramsey praised the dish, the bachelor said, "Really? I mean, yes." Funny. Anyway, the guy with the blue hair whose name I am totally spacing on right now won- JAY! His name is Jay. Jay won and took Holly on an excursion on the Goodyear blimp. If it had been me, I would have stayed in the car. There's just something about a mode of air transportation that requires ten able bodied people to lift off the ground that maybe I don't trust so much. Benjamin was absolutely silent during dinner service and I was convinced he would be going home but Ramsey pulled a fast one and kept them all. Joe and I still think it'll come down to Jay and Holly with Jay coming out as the eventual (and obvious) winner.

White Collar: I can never decide how I feel about this show. For the most part, I like it because I like Neal Caffrey's character. It makes me want to be a smooth suave con artist type. What I am less thrilled about is the FBI's character. What's his name? Peter, I think? The scene at the end where he was posing as the mob's peacemaker was just silly. Plus this show does that annoying "let's explain things for the stupid audience members watching at home" bit and doesn't disguise it well.

Covert Affairs: Also known as Alias Lite. About five minutes into watching heroine Annie Walker try to turn an asset, I turned to Joe and said, "Sydney Bristow would have that guy wearing eye liner and wig already." Another show I can't decide if I like. I'm going to give it some more time because I do like Auggie but this show was much better when Jennifer Garner was the one trying to save the world.


So You Think You Can Dance: I missed the beginning of the show because Joe and I went to check out Salt with Angelina Jolie and I'd forgotten to set the DVR. Got home in time to watch the last forty five minutes. I still think Kent will win and that Jose should be going home tomorrow. Stop the insanity, Judges. Send Jose home already. Someone else will also be headed home too. I'd pick Adechike but I'm worried that the brilliant Billy Bell's time will have run out. Stupid America. Why do we give you the power of the vote? You never use it right. Never.

Psych: So, Olympia Dukakis disturbs Lassiter, huh? That's kind of funny. This episode involved aliens and Freddie Prinze, Jr. and had me laughing quite a bit. I love how madcap this show is every damn week.


So You Think You Can Dance Results: What?? What do you mean you booted Billy Bell? You big bunch of dick waffle asshats! I mean, yeah, sure, get rid of Jose, he needed to be gone long before now, but how can you get rid of Billy Freaking Awesome Bell? I hate this season, I hate this season. Can you just call it off now? Say that Kent is America's favorite dancerand call it good because I'm honestly not sure I can muster up the interest to watch anymore of this season. So there.

Burn Notice: Well, this week I didn't get to watch this episode because we had company in the form of my brother and sister-in-law and their little dogs too. I just want to say that I don't like Jesse very much. I'm hoping he'll disappear soon.

Royal Pains: See above. Only, in Jesse's place, put the mean woman doctor.

Project Runway: It's baaaaaaaaaaack. I didn' t get to watch this episode either but I will. Apparently, it's an hour and a half long. Not sure what they're going to do with the extra half hour except for show snarky designer wannabes snark at one another but maybe it'll mean 30 more minutes of Tim Gunn. Make it Work!!

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