Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 2010 Book Review

The Running Vixen- Elizabeth Chadwick- I found this book to be tiresome which is unusual for Chadwick novels. I liked the male lead at the start of the book but he kind of grew more and more annoying to me as the novel went on. Very strange but it definitely won’t stop me from reading anything else she has out there.

To Defy A King- Elizabeth Chadwick- Her latest novel. It wasn’t one of my favorites. It dealt with the son of Roger Bigot who appeared in a earlier novel of hers that I think I read last year and liked. The thing is, I don’t remember Roger Bigot being such a- well, such a jerk in his earlier appearance. Guess time really soured that guy.

The President's Daughter- Ellen Emerson White- I’ve decided to go back and reread a bunch of my favorite books to try and get myself out of my writing slump. This is what I started with. I don’t know if this strategy will work but I can’t complain about the reading. They’re my favorite books for a reason. This book has been one of my favorites since I was in the seventh grade. So, so glad my mother and reading teacher gave me a hard time about reading something that wasn’t written by Francine Pascal. Meg Powers is my hero!

White House Autumn- Ellen Emerson White- The second Meg Powers book. I’m not a skier but I went cross country skiing a couple of years ago and while walking around in ski boots, I finally understood what Meg was talking about when she says in this book that she sometimes pretend to be wearing ski boots. I was really very excited, probably sadly so, about this.

Long Live The Queen- Ellen Emerson White- The third Meg Powers book. I think this book really made me start to love tennis. You know, in a watching it from the couch capacity. I really suck on court. Also awesome: Meg and Beth have BtVS tee shirts!

Long May She Reign- Ellen Emerson White- I don’t remember what I’ve written about this book in the past though I do have copies of all my book diaries since I started keeping them so it would be pretty easy to look it up and remind myself. There are parts of this book I really really like, even though I hate to see Meg have such a hard time. There’s one big part of this book that I really, really hate. And that is Jack. If there’s another book someday (please, please let there be another book someday), I really hope he’s not in it.

Homecoming- Cynthia Voigt- The last time I read this book was back in 2002. I know this because I found a receipt from JC Penny stuck in the back of it. Apparently, I found a hell of a deal on flannel shirts that day. I picked it up now because partway through the Meg Powers series, I found myself strongly reminded of Dicey Tillerman and this is where her story begins.I really like characters written the way Dicey is written. Smart, internal, private, fierce, determined…traits I like to instill in my own characters. Get ready to see a lot of Cynthia Voigt's name.

Dicey's Song- Cynthia Voigt- The second book in the Tillerman cycle. I’m already looking forward to reading the next one.

A Solitary Blue- Cynthia Voigt- The third Tillerman cycle book, which focuses on Dicey's eventual boyfriend, Jeff Greene. I get mad, so mad at Jeff's mother Melody every single time I read this book. The last time I read this book, by the way, I was still living in Portland (over a decade ago, for those of you keeping score).

Sons From Afar- Cynthia Voigt- James and Sam Tillerman take the main stage. The last time I read this book was...well, actually, I've never read this book before. I bought it ages ago but never got around to it for whatever reason. I have a lot of books like that. Anyway, I didn't end up liking it as much as the others. Probably because Dicey has such a small role in this book.

So, not a bad haul overall this month, especially considering I didn't read a single page while I was away on vacation. Must try to do better next month.

June Books: 10
Year To Date Total: 55 books
Books Remaining: 45

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