Tuesday, June 29, 2010

And The Hits Just Keep On Coming...

My computer crashed this morning at about 11am. My desktop, not my laptop. I had left the room to go and referee another dog skirmish (the contractor's helper for the day had appeared, after all. We had to lose our minds over it.) and when I came back, the monitor had gone dark.

I thought it was perhaps because I had taken so long calming everyone down so I just shook the mouse a little to wake everything back up.

Nothing happened.

So I shook the mouse a little bit more, a little more forcefully this time. And still, nothing happened.

Power down, wait, power back up.


Power down, wait, power back up.


Commence screaming.

Why screaming when I obviously have a second computer (laptop)?

Well, see, here's the thing...my desktop was my primary writing computer because of the big monitor and my entire life's work was on it. Yep. That's right. On the crashed and burned computer.

I didn't actually scream. Not out loud where the neighbors could hear me anyway. I think I might be in shock or denial or something because I'm incredibly calm about this, especially when you consider what it is I'm talking about.

My entire life's work, everything I've ever written, every draft of everything I've ever written, gone without a trace.

Well, maybe not without a trace. I do have a back up. I have several back ups in several places because I'm paranoid about fire in particular, but just losing my work in general, and figure that every place I put a back up can't possibly all burn down at the same time.


But the thing with the back ups is that they're a couple of weeks old. Older, actually, because they were last updated before I went on vacation. So while I don't have to start over from scratch, I have lost about 20,000 words worth of work (22,720 to be exact) and no matter how hard I try to get those words back, they won't ever be what I had before.

Which could be a good thing, right? Maybe I can come up with something even better.

Always a silver lining, right? When life hands you lemons, you throw them right back, right?

A friend of mine sent me an email in which he said the following: "my self esteem has been knocked to the floor and had a conga line pass over it - followed by the entire field of Indy 500 cars, a herd of elephants, and finally a single cat which stopped in the middle to take a crap."

That makes two of us, my friend.

Here's to brighter days and working hard drives.

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