Friday, May 21, 2010

May The Force Be With You

May 21. 2005

May The Force Be With You...same old, same old.

The baby is still fussy. Still tired. It's still hot. I think we've fallen into the twilight zone. Joe says it's done nothing but rain since we left the states. Wonder what it will do when we get back.

We hang around the apartment until afternoon. Then, after Jupiter's sort of nap, we go for a walk. Before we go, I do some more math and figure out that I can only take 71.5 pictures a day before day before I'll run out of space on my memory card. I hope I can restrain myself.

Our plan is to walk down to the park by the river. Wendy brings the bubbles along so if we find an open park bench, we can sit for a while and blow bubbles. It works in theory but less so in application. We get to the park and are excited to see there is a choice of empty benches. We go over to one and see that the seat is missing. We move on to the next bench. It too is missing a seat. All the benches seem to be missing seats. People instead perch on the backrest. We don't favor trying this for ourselves so we skip the sitting in the park and opt for walking to the next park, on the other side of the road.

The next park is where Katya took us in November. It was then she told us what it looked like in the summer and how beautiful it was with the grass and the trees and the flowers. At the time we said, "Sounds nice. Too bad our next trip will be still be in the throes of winter." Oops. But we walk through today and it's everything she said it would be. There are the advertised grass, trees and flowers but also people everywhere. There are vendors selling food and balloons. There are kids playing, couples walking, a cafe in a tent located at one end of the park, and boat rides at the other. There looks like there's a sort of kiddie amusement park to the side. It has some small rides and one of those bouncy houses. We walk from one end to the other up to where the statue of the city founders (Katya called them Beavis and Butthead) is located. I take Wendy and Jupiter's picture there. Next we go to the fountain (located across the street from Subway!) and I take Wendy and Jupiter's picture there. Only sixty nine pictures left for the day...better be careful.

Beavis and Butthead...I honestly don't know what their real names are
We start to walk up the sidewalk, heading for the apartment. We can see the Cathedral of Blood off to our left and decide we could easily walk there. But not today. We come across an absolutely enormous advertisement for the newest Star Wars movie, this one of a light saber bearing Yoda. I stop to take a picture for Omar. While I get the poster in frame, I ask Jupiter if she can say "Yoda." She does.

No kidding.

She said Yoda. Now we really have to hope Omar calls tonight because he won't want to miss this story.

Tonight's movie is Panic Room. I don't watch it.

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