Sunday, May 23, 2010

Magic Soup

May 23. 2005

Magic Soup Monday...long sleeves and fleece weather...finally!

Katya thinks today will be the day we get Jupiter's passport and birth certificate and all those things we need to leave the city. She asks us to hang around and not go anywhere in the afternoon so that if we're able to go, we'll be around instead of gallivanting around the city.

So we go in the morning to the grocery store. I actually have a need of the travel umbrella I brought with me. The rain feels good though. The cooler weather feels especially good.

At the store, we buy just the basics: goldfish crackers, coke, milk, marshmallow pies (those things are so good!), bread, pasta and soup. The soup is Uncle Ben's and comes in little boxes that look like the juice boxes kids take to school. Wendy buys some for herself and some for Jupiter to try. We go to the register to pay when Wendy remembers she wanted to get cereal. She and Jupiter go back to get it. I take care of the groceries we had already and take everything to the corner tables to bag it all. Wendy comes back with her cereal and stands in line. The cashier starts to ring though the next customer's order when the cashier's supervisor stops her, pushes the customer's items back and waves Wendy to come forward. They love the baby here. Maybe not us so much, but they love Jupiter. They ring up Wendy's cereal, flirting with the baby the whole time, and we discover one of our favorite things here: Hold up a baby and move to the head of the line!

When we get back to the apartment, it's time for lunch. Wendy heats up potatoes and soup for Jupiter. I sit on the couch and read Cold Mountain. It's one of those books another family brought over and left behind. My Lord of the Rings series is about to join that collection. For the most part, I liked the movie, but heard excellent things from a friend about the book and since I currently have nothing else to read, decide to give it a try.

Playing dress up while we wait for Katya's call

Wendy give Jupiter lunch. The soup is a big hit. She finishes her bowl and wants more so Wendy heats up the rest of the box. We're delighted that the soup's going over so well. We're even more delighted when Wendy puts Jupiter down for her afternoon nap and she goes to sleep. Yep, that's right, just goes to sleep without screaming or fighting or anything. Just sleeps. We deem the soup to be magic soup and vow to return to the store that afternoon, just as soon as we've heard from Katya, to buy their entire stock of the magic soup.

Nap time comes and goes and still the phone hasn't rung. We take turns walking by and picking up the receiver to make sure it's still plugged in. It is. We watch the French Open on television and make a startling discovery. We can't read any of the advertising behind the players. We keep trying to turn the English letters in Cyrillic and damn it, if it isn't working. We think Katya will be proud. Or scared. Hard to say which.

While we wait, we start brainstorming our list of things we miss about home. Home is tantalizingly close now, it's hard not to think of all the things we miss. It's quite the list, comprised mostly of food items. A shallow thing, maybe, but it's something to keep Wendy occupied because the phone just isn't ringing.

Katya calls that evening, after dinner and after Jupiter's bedtime. She tells us tomorrow we will get the birth certificate and all the necessary documents and maybe even leave for Moscow on Wednesday. Wendy's ecstatic. I start to read Cold Mountain double time.

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