Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Let The Games Begin!

May 18. 2005

The first day of the rest of her life...overcast and cooler than before, but still hot.

Jupiter's up early. Thus we all are up early. I try to resist as long as I can but Jupiter keeps coming over to the couch to offer me both hugs and toys so eventually, I just give in. I like hugs and toys almost as much as sleep.

Jupiter, checking herself out

We have a another day of rest ahead of us although Jupiter seems determined to play as hard as she can for as long as she can. She's a little panicked when Wendy goes into the bathroom to wash the clothes. Not a fan of the bathroom, Jupiter. She clings to me and we stand in the doorway and watch Wendy as she repeatedly puts her hands in soapy water. Soon it becomes too much for Jupiter to bear and we have to leave the doorway. She's even more concerned when I disappear into the same chamber of death and don't reappear again for a good half hour. She ends up in the chamber herself when the Amazing Peeing Baby makes another appearance and soaks both herself and Wendy's shorts. Wendy is less than thrilled only because all her other shorts are wet and hanging out on the balcony to dry.

She puts on her jeans though and we go out for a morning walk around the block. Jupiter is bundled up in her fleece in order to protect her from the dip in temperature (it's probably only in the upper 70's after all...) and to protect Wendy from the distrustful eye of the Russian nation. A baby without a hat! What kind of monster are you?

We buy another phone card, just in case and head over to the grocery store to stock up on a few necessities (translation: actual non chocolate butter and Coke Classic, please!). Few is the key word here as Wendy is carrying the baby, it is left to me to carry the groceries. I am equal to the task. I always knew all those years of receiving shipments would come in handy.

Lunch is a breeze and immediately afterwards, Jupiter goes down for a nap. Wendy cleans up a little but then crashes herself, taking advantage of the downtime. I make myself lunch (and still get the water amount in my easy mac wrong) and then I get out my iPod and sit on the shelf by the window and work on the trip journal. I'm a little behind. Shock.

Play time

After naptime ends, we discover that the phone has been unplugged (it has a tendency to do that) so we plug it back in. Almost immediately, the phone rings. It's Katya who's trying hard not to panic. She's been trying to call us and has been worried that something's happened because she couldn't get through. We explain that the phone was unplugged. She says she knows this, but she still worries. She asks how Jupiter is doing and says tomorrow we can go to the big grocery store where they sell big bottles of Evian. Wendy is pleased. She's been dreaming about the big grocery store every since that first visit we made back in November.

Me teaching Jupiter how to use the television remote

Wendy starts dinner shortly afterward. I stay out of the way and develop my television viewing schedule. First, Xena: Warrior Princess (it has an audible English track beneath the Russian dubbing, kids, what can I say?) followed by some strange show in which every episode involves people at a masquerade ball, Charmed, The German Shepherd Show (I don't know its name either but it features, as you can guess, a German Shepherd), and then The Nanny. After The Nanny comes the nightly movie. Tonight it's Mr. Bean. I watch it on mute as it's Jupiter's bedtime. Fortunately, the movie's Mr. Bean and you can watch it on mute and still understand what's going on. Turns out Mr. Bean is funny in any language. Or on mute.

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