Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Grocery Stores and Easy Mac

May 19. 2005

Grocery Stores and Easy Mac....sunny and still damn hot.

Jupiter is up all night. I get slightly more sleep than Wendy as I am sleeping on the couch and not next to the crib, but Jupiter could certainly have a career as a snooze alarm.

So, morning comes both takes too long to get here and comes way too early. Figure that one out, folks. We breakfast and play. We shower (Jupiter still doesn't trust the bathroom) and play. Wendy accidentally spills baby shampoo everywhere. Good thing we're going to the big grocery store this afternoon so we can get more.

We have lunch next. I finally figure out the key to making Easy Mac. First, I do a lot of math (well, a lot for me anyway) and convert 2/3 cups of water to ounces because, as it turns out, we have baby bottles in the apartment. Baby bottle with which I can measure water. Yipee! It's roughly 5 and 2/3 ounces. I try it. It works. There is much rejoicing.

After lunch, Jupiter takes a nap. Kind of. Wendy takes a nap. Kind of. I sit by myself in the living room and work on finishing The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. I don't mind the second book as much as the first. Wendy hears me moan, "Man, I don't want to read this book" a hell of a lot less. While I read, I take frequent breaks to check the phone. It still works.

Katya calls around 4pm and we plan to meet in fifteen minutes for our grocery store trip. We take off our pajamas (we're not lazy, honest! They're the only shorts we brought!) and put on jeans (which isn't at all oppressive feeling). We grab our bags and go downstairs to meet Katya and Sergei.

The parking lot is packed but Sergei manages to find a place to park. He gives Katya his discount card for our use and we go inside. I put my bag in one of the lockers without being asked. See, I'm learning. Wendy gets a cart (much smaller than the ones at Hannaford and no child safety seat belts either!) and we shop.

Jupiter, checking out my copy of The Return of the King

The first aisles belong to all things baby. Convenient. Wendy and Katya examine jars of food and I play with the baby. Wendy and Katya put food in the cart and I play with the baby. As we move on, I take over pushing the cart. It's not an easy task. I feel like I need cleats to help me gain some much needed traction. The cart could probably benefit from some snow tire chains. I feel like I should be wearing a sign on my ass that says (in Cyrillic, of course) "Caution: This cart makes wide left turns. And right turns. And doesn't exactly stop on a kopeck, so be careful." A kopeck, for those who might not know, is a unit of Russian money. One kopeck is worth one one hundredth of a ruble. It takes approximately 28 rubles (at the current rate of exchange anyway) to make up one U.S. dollar. Ponder that for a moment.

Wendy picks up milk and yogurt and something that Katya says is cottage cheese. The freezer aisle is next and Wendy picks up a frozen pizza while I avoid looking at the fish department. Wandering down the pasta aisle, Wendy gets spaghetti sauce and tortilla chips. No salsa, but Wendy's still pleased. Next is Evian. Wendy about cleans them out. She counts off days as she puts bottles in the cart. Katya looks on and probably thinks things about Americans' brand name craze.

Wendy and Jupiter strolling through the park. This should have been in yesterday's blog but didn't quite make it .

The last thing on the list is the baby soap and some baby wipes as the Amazing Peeing Baby has gone through more than anyone thought possible. About this time, Jupiter decides she is tired of the cart and wants to be held so I take her out and hold her and push the cart with one hand. Now I think I need another bumper sticker.

We go to the check out and lay our purchases on the belt. I continue to hold the baby. Katya secures us two plastic shopping bags and I try to bag the groceries after they've been scanned. I don't have much luck so Wendy takes over. We manage to fit everything in, retrieve my bag from the locker and go outside to find Sergei.

We get in the car and Jupiter goes back to sit with Wendy. We head back to the apartment for the rest of our evening. I catch the end of Charmed. Next, of course is the German Shepherd show (every time I see the opening credits, I think "That dog needs to be better trained in food refusal!") and The Nanny (Not the Fran Drescher version with a Russian dubbing job. No, it's a completely Russian copy of the show...funny for different reasons). It's nice to have a schedule.

Tomorrow, Katya tells us, is passport picture day. Wendy likes this idea. It means we're making progress.

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