Monday, May 24, 2010

Baby's First Easy Mac

May 24. 2005

Baby's First Easy Mac...rainy am, sunny pm.

My, what big feet you have!

With the news that we're probably leaving tomorrow, we start the day with a flurry of packing. Well, Wendy and I pack. Jupiter unpacks. She's very helpful that way. We take a break mid morning to go to the grocery store for the magic soup only to discover that apparently, there was a run on magic soup yesterday because it's now all gone. We're less happy now but we pick out another kind and hope that the magic will carry over.

We get back to the apartment in time for a phone call from Katya. Wendy and Jupiter will need to be downstairs in twenty minutes to meet Alonna (another translator) and a driver to go and get the birth certificate. I'm staying home because there's no room in the car for me. Either Diane or Sam will also be going along so that leaves me out. They go downstairs at the appointed time and I go stand on the balcony and guard them. Because there's much I could do if something happened. But it's the thought that counts, right? The appointed time comes and goes and still no sign of Alonna. We pass the time waving to each other. Jupiter seems a little concerned that I'm staying in the apartment and she's not. It's the first time I haven't gone along with them.

The phone rings and I abandon my post to answer it. It's Alonna. She's on her way. I go back out to the balcony and shout this news down to Wendy. About ten minutes later, a car pulls up and Wendy and Jupiter get inside and drive away. I go back to the couch to wait for them to come home.

While I wait, I read Cold Mountain because I really want to finish it before we leave. Wendy says I should take it with me but I'd really like to avoid doing that if at all possible. I read for a while, thinking the whole time about how I should be washing the dishes in the sink. The apartment doesn't have a lot of dishes and typically after one meal, we need to wash some to be able to prepare the next one. But I stay on the couch with my book. Well, that is until I go and get the Pole Position game for the gameboy. My plan is to play just once and then I'll start on the dishes.

But Wendy and Jupiter are back before I can even get the game in the console. They only had to go to City Hall to pick up the birth certificate. Wendy says she wishes we knew that because then we could've walked there and saved the cost of driving. The birth certificate lady was pleased with her gift though, especially when she realized she got to keep the tote bag in which it was presented. I have to admit, they are handy bags to have around.

Jupiter helping with the packing

In the afternoon, we pack and play while we wait for Katya to call us with flight information. I teach Jupiter the finer points of "Gimme Five!" It's a game she loves. We play for a while and when I stop, she takes my hand and turns it over to play some more. When she's done with me, she gets Wendy to play.

Dinner comes around and Wendy makes Easy Mac for Jupiter. I take pictures because a child's first macaroni and cheese is certainly something to be documented. She seems to like it. I am very pleased.

Baby's First Easy Mac

After dinner, Katya calls. Bad news. We're not leaving tomorrow after all. How's Thursday sound instead? We don't think it sounds as good as Wednesday did but we'll take it. Mostly because we have no other choice. Katya says we'll go buy the airline tickets tomorrow morning so don't go off wandering as we are sometimes known to do. We agree, figuring if we go in the morning then we can wander around tomorrow afternoon and see the Cathedral of the Blood and look for some souvenirs.

Plus, on the bright side, they're showing Ghost tomorrow night on the movie channel. We're hoping Whoopi Goldberg is still funny when dubbed in Russian. Now we have the chance to find out.

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