Thursday, April 1, 2010

March 2010 Book Report

Hide- Lisa Gardner- See, once something gets in my head, I just can’t get it out again. I liked Bobby enough to look for his next adventure and found it at my local library. Again, it’s a pretty good book. I feel like I spend a lot of time getting into the story but then, when the end comes around and the big reveal is here, I know the whos and whys and whatnots and then the whole thing plays out a little theatrically. Which may sound weird. It’s a suspense novel. The big dramatic conclusion is vital to the novel but, many times, the climaxes in Gardner’s novels are too…something. Too much monologuing by the bad guy that I had pegged in his very first appearance in the book. Still, I would read another Bobby Dodge novel. I just don’t think there is one. Yet.

Legacy- Cayla Kluver- This is a fantasy book written by a sixteen year old. In that aspect, it’s impressive because I’ve worked with a lot of sixteen year olds who couldn’t string together three cohesive paragraphs (or, in some cases, sentences) and she managed to put together an entire novel (with apparently two sequels). That said, I found the reading to be rather tiresome and tedious and I’m pretty sure it’s not just insane jealousy making me say that. Of course, I did manage to finish this book which is more than I can say for Christopher Paolini’s Eragon. That book made me want to take a red pen to each and every page so badly that I had to stop reading it for my own self preservation. Legacy I though could have benefited from a red pen, but it didn’t drive me so insane that I couldn’t bring myself to finish it.

The Survivors' Club- Lisa Gardner- One of her earlier books. I realized I only had a couple of titles left before I completed the Lisa Gardner canon so I figured what the hell. This book wasn’t one of my favorites. There was a Lieutenant Morelli in this book who was female…that was weird for me. I guess I’ve read too many Stephanie Plum novels to think of Morelli as anything but male.

The Keepers of Sulbreth- Susan Gourley- Well, it took me a while to get invested in the story. I was a little worried for a while but the male protagonist, Cage Stone, kept me going. He is an interesting character. Interesting enough that I am looking forward to reading the next installment because this book ends where it feels like the story just begins.

The Neighbor- Lisa Gardner- She had me. She had me so totally invested this book until about fifty pages from the end when it just kind of…I don’t even know what. The reveals started happening and then I think the tightness of the story unraveled. That, I think, has happened with all of her books I’ve read by her recently. This one didn’t have as much bad guy monologuing but still just fell flat. I also think DD Warren, who is a cool character, was wasted in this book. She didn’t get enough to do and did not have enough of a story arc. I also liked Bobby Dodge’s cameo.

Push- Sapphire- I wanted to read the book because of the movie. The movie is on my Netflix list and will show up here eventually, but the book was at the library and so I picked it up. This is an amazing book. I love how it's written. Stylistically. The story is sad. It’s sad, it’s moving, it’s inspirational…did I mention sad? People do horrible things some times. I really need to read something frivolous and happy now.

Sexy As Hell- Susan Johnson- The frivolous, trashy bodice ripping romance novel. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be in my bunk (bonus points to anyone who can NAME THAT REFERENCE!)...

March Total: 7 Books. Year To Date Total: 29 Books. That leaves 71 books left to go. Why, oh why, didn't I make my goal "Download 100 songs"...I'd be done by now. Guess I'll know better for next year...

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