Monday, April 5, 2010

Falling Short

Well, it's Monday and time has run out for me and my latest set of weekly goals. As you can probably guess from the title of this blog, I didn't quite experience the success of the week before. It happens. The important thing is that the Red Sox beat the Yankees last night.

Here is what I set out to accomplish last week:

1. Get the new look for my website and blog up and running. So don't panic if, one day, you show up here and everything's new. You're not in the wrong place. I just needed a change.

2. Cross the 80K word mark in Second Nature. I feel like this is the goal that's going to kill me this week. Especially because of that website goal. Oh well. Aim big or go home, right?

3. Work out on the Wii Fit at least three times this week. Attempt the possibly scary jackknife challenge.

4. Read a trashy bodice ripping romance novel.

5. Get the snow tires taken off my car and the regular season tires put back on. Have the oil changed at the same time.

Here's how I actually did:

I worked out on my Wii Fit three times. My workouts seems to be getting longer. I even did the Island Lap run which is a fifteen minute run around the lovely island paradise. I find it interesting that when I'm running in place in my living, yet my Mii is running up an incline, I somehow feel as though running is harder. I yelled at my Mii running guide a couple of times to avoid the stupid hill. He/She didn't. Stupid Mii. I also attempted the jackknife challenge. The challenge is to complete more jackknife reps than your Wii Fit trainer. I won but only because I think the program is designed to let you win. You know, build up your confidence that it works to tear down in other areas on the program. It also gypped me of two of my jackknife reps because I started a split second before I was supposed too. But whatever. I'm not totally keeping score or am totally bitter about that or anything.

I read a trashy, bodice ripping romance novel. If you read my March book report, you'll have seen it there at the end. Susan Johnson writes great bodice ripping romance novels. She's my favorite.

And I managed to get the snow tires taken off the car. I also managed to get the oil changed at the same time. And better yet, I got Joe to do it for me. The place where I usually have these things done apparently moved, far far away from me to some unknown location, so I asked Joe to bring it to the place where he brings his car. I asked him to do it because the people at his place know him and like him and are always weird when I go in. Like this one time, Joe had a nail in his tire and it went flat or was going flat or whatever and so the guys patched the tire for him. He paid with his debit card. Fast forward a week and I was the one with a flat tire. Joe dropped it off at the place to have it patched and I went to pick it up. I tried to pay with my debit card but the guys refused to take it, saying they don't accept debit cards for a job so small. I had to go to the ATM to get cash so I could get my tire back. I was not amused. So, I had Joe bring my car down to get this latest work done on it. Less hassle. Any time you can get by with less hassle, is a good time, right?

And that's it for the goals I accomplished. Here's what happened with the other two goals:

First of all, the new website is pretty much ready to go live. I have to create a few more pages but all the really vital pages are up and running. But, in order for it to actually go live, I need the help of Joe, my code monkey and tech guru. He's the one who actually needs to make it go live because I honestly have no idea what's even involved in such a thing. And when Joe asked me, "When do you want me to do this?" and I answered "Now would be great", he apparently didn't think I meant now now. He thought I meant later. But since he is a busy guy and he did nicely take my car to the car place, we'll give him a pass this time...

And then there's the writing goal. Reach the 80,000 word mark in Second Nature. I came close. I came really, really close. I ended up at 79,084 words. In my defense, I think if the Red Sox had not been playing the Yankees last night, I probably would have written the remaining 916 words. Had the Red Sox not managed to turn a loss into a very exciting win, I probably would have written the remaining 916 words. But at it was, the Red Sox did play the Yankees last night and while they were down 5-0 in the third freaking inning, they managed to turn it around in a very exciting fashion to come back and win it 9-7. And while my poor Jacoby Ellsbury didn't get a hit, he's still as adorable as ever. But still, hey, I've written 79,084 words. I'm still 17,000 words ahead of my monthly writing goals. That's a hell of a lot of fiction. Some of it might even be good! Might be.

So that's that. The goal recap. I am going to refrain from setting goals this particular week because there is some other stuff I need to do that gets overlooked when I'm on a goal quest (housework, for example...). And, as far as writing goes, I need to stop creating for a little while. I have a bunch of plot lines that are (just to warn you, I am going to attempt a traffic themed metaphor here. It may or may not work out, but I just wanted to let you know my intentions beforehand, just in case) running red lights and stop signs and careening into other plot lines. They're supposed to intersect, of course, but they were supposed to do so in a civilized, non California roll, obey the rules of polite traffic society kind of way. So now I need to go in there and start sifting through the wreckage and see if I can't get everybody safely back on the storyline road.

Anyway, that's all for now. I hope everyone out there had a lovely holiday weekend and didn't overindulge in their Easter candy. I did...I had a few too many peeps. They're so bad, they're good. And hey, I bet today they're on clearance...

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