Friday, March 12, 2010

Television Week In Review (Week Ending 3/12/10)


The Amazing Race: Jet and Cord are my absolute favorites. I just wanted to say that first. That said, I thought for sure the cops would be going home this week because they've been scrapping the bottom of the barrel for...well, since the start of this thing. But this leg was tailor made for them. Eating and drinking beer? Well, good for them and their fist place finish. The cowboys (whom I adore) finished in fourth place tonight. They got a little hung up on the beer challenge because they've never had a beer in their life. Really? That surprises me. But I love them dearly and I hope they get back in first place soon. Another classic gem was the revelation that one of the not gay gay brothers doesn't like to travels. Hates it, really. Well, how fortunate you're on the Amazing Race, dude.

The Academy Awards: I already blogged about this separately. No need to do it again. Just: Yea! Hurt Locker!!


How I Met Your Mother: Bang bang bangity bang bangity bang bangity bang bang. Did I get that right? Anyway, pretty funny episode. Marshall's just so damn adorable some times. Plus, I love it when the show becomes a sudden musical.

Rules of Engagement: Patrick Warburton is really quite funny. If he wasn't on this show, I wouldn't bother with it at all.

The Big Bang Theory: My precious! I rather enjoyed this episode but I am a big LOTR movie fan so maybe that's to be expected.

Castle: I watched the first half of the episode. I like the show and I like Nathan Fillion oh so much but some times, I just have a hard time making through the show. Alexis looked terrible in the cheerleading outfit, by the way.

House: So I learned a valuable lesson in tonight's episode: vegetarians with blogs will die a horrible, painful death. Someone get me a cheeseburger, quick! The speed dating scene was classic and hysterical but I think the Wilson in a porno thing was truly inspired.

Chuck: I haven't watched it yet because I have to watch this episode via the computer and every time I sit down at the computer, it's to work. I'll get to it soon, I promise. Don't give up on me, Chuck!!

Life Unexpected:I haven't watched it yet because I have to watch this episode via the computer and every time I sit down at the computer, it's to work. That said, I'm not sure I'm going to bother.


American Idol: Well, it's the last Ladies' Night. Thank goodness. Lilly Scott and Crystal Bowersox are fantastic. Everyone else less so. I think I am a little in love with Crystal Bowersox. That woman is amazing. Here's her performance, in case you missed it:

Parenthood: Can't we just have more Gilmore Girls? You know, with Amy Sherman-Palladino?


The Middle: I love Axl in love. I also got a kick out of Mike's reaction to Frankie playing the tape in which Mike cries and begs for Frankie to take him back, especially the part where he just bangs his head against the closet door. The other two Heck children were funny too...I especially enjoyed Sue's line (after watching a zombie horror flick) "Every time I close my eyes, all I see is zombies tearing apart Taylor Lautner!" No mention on if he had a shirt on at the time.

Modern Family: I haven't watched this episode yet. I DVR'd it though so I'll get to it eventually. I just didn't want people thinking I've given up on this show. It's hysterical. If you haven't seen it, you really should give it a try.

American Idol: The top 8 men perform. There really isn't a guy that I'm head over heels for yet, not like how I adore Crystal Bowersox anyway. I like Lee Dewyze and Casey James. Alex Lambert is improving as is the kid Joe calls Zac Ephron (I don't think that's spelled right, sorry).

Psych: Wow. When did this show start getting so freaking serious? I'm accustomed to a serious moment here or there but much of this season finale, I thought, was tense. But tense in a good way. It was a very good episode with a lot of good moments. So sorry to see Mary go. I have to admit, sadly, I was a little confused by the ending. I watched it a couple of times and I'm just not sure I know what the hell's going on. Normally, I do better but on this one, I'm stumped. If anyone has any ideas, let me know.


American Idol Results: What the hell, America? You dump the amazing Lilly Scott for Katie Stevens and Lacey Whatever Her Last Name is? What are you? High? Stupid? Both? And really? Aaron Kelly over Alex Lambert? It's not like either of them are decent performers (they're not) but Alex was slightly more interesting than Aaron. Note the slightly. That said, I can't believe you didn't vote for Lilly Scott. You're on notice, America. You really are.

Community: My busy social schedule (ha) has prevented me from watching this episode too. But I'm still laughing over last week's episode when Abed attempted to approach the girl the gang thought had a crush on him as a vampire. A creepy, hilarious vampire.

The Office: Jim's back from paternity leave and Kathy Bates is back as Jo, the no nonsense new boss. Erin and Andy are sweet so I hope they manage to work it out.

30 Rock: How can Alec Baldwin be so funny on this show but so unfunny on the Oscar telecast? I really love him in this role. I also like Elizabeth Banks's character. I did not find Kenneth to be as funny as I normally do, nor Tracy and Jenna.

Project Runway: Note to Anthony: Your model will probably appreciate it in the future if you refrain from calling her a Clydesdale. That said, I really liked your dress. I thought Jonathon deserved to win but thought Seth Aaron deserved second place rather than third. His look was much, much more polished than Maya's water inspired dress. If I can tell that, me who has no sense of fashion or construction or anything, then the judges really should have noticed that. Really, Nina Garcia, are you even trying any more?

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