Saturday, March 6, 2010

Television Week In Review (Week Ending 3/5/10)


The Amazing Race: So last week, people were getting kick in the head by cows (priceless!) and this week, people have to lasso cows. Of course, the cows are just bales of hay with a plastic cow head stuck to it, but still, Hi-larious! This course seemed to be custom made for the cowboys who are quickly becoming my favorite team. They're just so...nice. I do not like the not gay gay brothers and the dating lesbians. The brothers are annoying and the lesbians are mean. They're just not nice to anyone. Even each other. Brent and Caite are still in it as well as braniacs Jeff and Jordan. I think my favorite moment was when Jeff realized just how stupid they were and he said "We shouldn't reproduce." I wholeheartedly agree. Please go sterilize yourselves before the next leg begins, okay?

Legend of the Seeker: Hey, remember in the first season when I was going on and on about the episode with the magical talking sock puppets? Well, the magical talking sock puppets were not in this episode. Sorry if I got you all excited. The reason I bring them up is that now this show has set a new standard for awesome lunacy that makes the magical talking sock puppets seem pale in comparison. Do you remember how last week I was talking about how deep and dark and serious and whatnot the second season of this show's become? Well, they took a definite break from that trend with this episode. It was hysterical. I really do love this show so much. Kahlan gets kidnapped and the other three have to go undercover to get her out. Mord Sith (think of a dominatrix with kick ass fighting skills) Cara gets to be the delicate and dainty princess. Richard gets to be a blond lothlorio and wizard Zedd gets to be the dowager aunt. And then it got better. Man, I love this show.


How I Met Your Mother: It's baaaack! It seems like forever ago that we were last treated to a new HIMYM episode. In this outing, Ted explains to his kids that he's a jerk. Carrie Underwood guest stars as a hot girl who's keeping Ted "on the hook". A teacup pig make an appearance, an adorable appearance, and Barney is a riot as usual. Let's get Neil Patrick Harris a damn emmy already. He totally deserves it. One question though: How does Lily, a kindergarten teacher, get seventh period off? That isn't like any kindergarten I've even know.

Rules of Engagement: Joe and I don't religiously watch this show or anything but we always laugh our asses off when we do. We are particularly amused by Patrick Warburton.

Chuck: I really do think this show just keeps getting better and better. Loved guest stars straight out of The Sopranos. I was a little afraid of Chuck myself; he really did seem to get into the assassin role a little too much. I desperately want the song that played at the end of the episode (Daniel Zott's Living A Lie) but I can't get it from amazon. I haven't checked iTunes yet but I don't generally like to buy music from iTunes. But if they have it, I'll buy it. That's how badly I want this song. Anyway, back to the episode. I feel bad for Chuck. But I'm so glad this show's still on the air.

The Big Bang Theory: Stan Lee makes a guest appearance and Sheldon goes to jail. Not one of their funniest episodes but still a good time to be had.

Life Unexpected: Well, I spent the whole episode waiting for Natasha to have to leave because if either Cate or Baze ended up taking her in, or if Tasha's birth mother took her back, I was going to stop watching the show immediately. I like Tasha and I want good things for her character but there's a line between realistic and fantasy and this show has, thus far, tread it nicely. A little suspension of disbelief is required but not too overly much. Tasha's storyline this evening bordered on too much but the writers kept it from going there. But just barely.


American Idol: So the men take the stage tonight which is a surprise because we all thought the ladies were supposed to be on but, as it turns out, Crystal Bowersox (who I love dearly) is ill and in the hospital (they didn't say why) and unable to perform tonight so the gents go on instead. And again, I am left asking "Hey, does anyone else remember when they used to have good singers on this show?" Have we just used up all the good singers in the country or something or have America's tastes just gotten that bad?

Parenthood: I was looking forward to watching this show for one reason only: Lauren Graham. After the episode had ended, I was left thinking I might watch another episode but only because of Lauren Graham. Monica Potter has always been an actress I haven't liked. Same with Erika Christensen. I know it was a pilot episode and they had a lot of story to cram into that first hour but it was a little too much and a little too crazy for me. But, again, because of Lauren Graham, I might watch next week. Or at least DVR the damn show and watch it when I've got nothing else going on.


American Idol: Well, it's ladies' night. They performed better than the men, I think, but only because there's Lilly Scott, Crystal Bowersox and Siobhan Mangus on the ladies' side. Those three are my favorite and Siobhan's last note was freaking insanely awesome. I can sing. I can sing well. But there's no way in hell I can even get near that note. Wow.

The Middle: The Hecks take a road trip that would make the road trips taken by my family seem like paradise in comparison. Axl is my favorite part of this show. That kid is seriously funny.

Modern Family: Not my favorite episode but I really do love this show.

Psych: Lassiter's top five skills include profiling, fishing and skeeball. I have ever mentioned how much I love this show? Oh, and Colonel Tigh was the bad guy. I am very excited for next week's 'season' finale. This show has established, I think, a history of ending a season or half season with a particularly strong episode.


Community: This show really cracks me up. The story lines are never that deep but they don't have to be. It is what it is and what it is is funny. Really freaking funny.

American Idol Results: Wow. I don't know what drugs Danny Gokey's on but I don't think I've ever heard him as animated (or as vocal) as he was on tonight's show. Yikes! I could just imagine Ryan Seacrest thinking, "Dude. Stop touching me" each and every time Danny did just that. Four people were eliminated. Not the three women I actually like so that's about all I have to say about that.

Supernatural: So, this week's episode was a repeat. Unfortunately, when it first aired, I wasn't writing my weekly recaps. I am now and so now I feel the need to tell you how I felt about this particular episode, Swap Meat. It had a great premise. It started off so freaking well. And then they blew it. They did. They really did. Here's the cold opening of the show (which I found hysterical):

And then came the rest of the episode. Now, I believe they should have had Jared Padalecki play the episode this way. They shouldn't have had the kid tagging alongside Dean. No, the kid should have been the one tied to the chair, playing it straight, playing Sam Winchester. Jared should have been with Dean the entire episode but playing it as he did in the opening. That would've been great. I mean, the reason the Freaky Friday movies are any fun at all is when you get to watch Jamie Lee Curtis play the teenager trapped in an adult's body. You blew it, Supernatural, you blew it. But I still love you.

The Office: Finally Jim and Pam's baby arrives. Huge parts of this episode had me howling in laughter, for example, the lactation consultation. Or, in the first half of the show, the scene where Jim is totally losing it and pacing and throwing the baby books. I was insanely worried in the scene where Michael held baby Cecila for the first time and I saw the part with the wrong baby coming a mile away. It's all right because it was still kind of funny. Erin and Andy are sweet. Dwight and Angela are just weird beyond belief and my stupid DVR cut off just before the end so I have no idea what happened when Jim and Pam arrived at the house to see Dwight in their newly (kind of) remodeled kitchen. C'mon, NBC. If you say your show is going to run from 9pm to 10pm, make sure it actually ends at 10pm. You know?

Project Runway: How did Emilio not get kicked out on this challenge? Plus, he totally lied to everyone on the runway. Why isn't Tim Gunn on the judges' panel just to keep the contestants honest? This is freaking crazy.

Burn Notice: Speaking of freaking crazy, this episode was freaking crazy good. I love this show. I love most spy themed shows but this series is, I think, particularly good. Big points for Momma Weston for giving the FBI the runaround while her son and his loyal pals run around Miami trying to save the whole damn city. It, naturally, ended with a big cliff hanger that won't be resolved until freaking June. Guess I'll just go back to my bland meaningless life until then.

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