Tuesday, March 16, 2010

B Day

Today is my sister B's, birthday. We're old enough now that we don't want to be reminded of how old we are (unless, of course, we are being denied Nyquil.) and silly enough that we don't wish to celebrate (which I've never understood given my obsession with cake...). So I thought I'd write a little something here and tell some of my favorite memories with my sister. But, B, if you'd like this blog taken down, I'll do so.

I've already told you about the bobsledding love seat (Hey, B, did you know you can go to Lake Placid, NY and actually go bobsledding on the actual Olympic track? Do you know what I'm thinking...ROAD TRIP!!!) but we also used to play The Price Is Right. My mother had (again, has) a spinning wheel that we used to use as the big wheel. Of course, I don't think any of us ever got a dollar because whichever one of us got to be Bob Barker got to decide the amount on which the wheel landed (we once tried to use construction paper to make the money amounts but they didn't stay in) and well, I guessing we weren't that nice.

When we moved into the new house, the closing dates got a little screwed up so we were, essentially homeless for a few days (don't think my mother didn't give the realtor hell for that) which meant we were staying with our grandparents. B and I stayed with our Great Grandmother, Great Nana. My mother, father and brother stayed with my father's mother, just a little ways away. I've never written about Great Nana in this blog before, but we adored her, absolutely adored her. When I get to be a little old lady, I want to be just like her. Anyway, so we were staying with her which meant we watched Jeopardy! that evening with the volume up really loud (she was in her 90's then) and then went to bed really early. The next morning, we were up and ready for school, waiting for mom to come and pick us up. We didn't expect Nana to get up with us but she did. Our goal was to be as low maintenance and trouble free as possible. Her goal was to make us breakfast. We told her we already had pop tarts but I don't think she really approved of that.

Later on, when we were out of school, the family (or as many of us were available) met on Thursday evenings to have dinner together with Nana. B and I were in charge of cooking which meant we would buy Chinese food or KFC or Amato's. Amato's, for those of you not from Maine, is a local Italian eatery offering sandwiches, salads and pastas galore. We usually got a pasta bucket. Baked ziti with meatballs. But the joke about those evenings became Nana asking my mother which one of the girls was cooking tonight and when my mother told her, Nana would say something like "So, Chinese food then." I Heart My Nana.


One night, while watching the Miss America Pageant (I maintain we were watching for the talent portion of the competition), B and I got into a big animal cracker fight in B's bedroom. I don't remember why we started throwing animal crackers around. Maybe because we were watching the Miss American Pageant and had nothing else to do? I don't know but we threw a lot of animal crackers that night. A lot. We also laughed a lot too, which was nice. And then, for the next week or so, we were finding animal crackers in random places throughout her bedroom. Sorry about that, mom.

A lot of weekend afternoon and weekday evenings, we would take a walk together. We'd walk though one of the neighboring neighborhoods and take a little woods path over to the TCBY shop (it's now a Domino's Pizza) where we would have waffle cone sundaes before walking back to the house.

When we didn't go to TCBY, we'd go over to the high school after dinner and play some tennis. I remember us being pretty well matched. I also remember the one evening I decided to be cool and hurdle the tennis net. I didn't quite make it all the way over. Now those were some spectacular bruises. B didn't laugh at me until she knew I was okay. Of course, once I knew I hadn't actually broken my neck, I was laughing pretty hard too.

Speaking of laughing pretty hard, this next memory still makes me laugh although I should probably be less amused by it. We, and by 'we' I mean my mother, grandmother, B and me, were all in church. We sat in the back, in the last row. It was my grandmother's usual spot because she usually fell asleep during the sermon. Sometimes she snored. I don't remember what set B and me off. Maybe it was the snoring (do you remember, B?) but whatever it was, B and I couldn't stop laughing. And the more we tried to stop, the worse it became. There we were, sitting in church, in the middle of the sermon, having a major attack of the giggles. Then we tried to stop the giggling by, like, holding the giggles in, which just made them come out louder and more punctuated which had the adverse affect of making us laugh more. We got a lot of looks from our fellow parishioners. My grandmother slept through it. My mother did not. She was. Not. Amused. Not even a little bit. Though, I hope, if she's reading this, she's a little amused by it now.

B and I went to the very first midnight showing of the very first Harry Potter movie. We had tickets to go see it that Friday evening but she called me at about 8pm on Thursday night and told me one of the local theaters was doing a midnight show and did I want to go. My response was, "I'll be there in a hour." Joe's response was, "But what about the tickets you already have?" To which I replied, "Uh, We'll see it again. Duh." So I drove down, picked her up and went into the city to Denny's followed by a midnight viewing of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. This began our tradition of going to the midnight showings of each of the Harry Potter movies. B's always very good about going insanely early to these showings so that I can ease my anxiety about getting the perfect seat.

We always go see the best movies together. We saw Ice Princess because we're both in love with the idea of figure skating (Bonus: B didn't look too embarrassed to be see with the one person in the theatre who laughed loud and boisterously at the preview for Lindsay Lohan's remake of Herbie the Love Bug). We went to see My Sister's Keeper and cried our eyes out and told each other that yes, we'd give up our kidneys for the other. Well, at least one kidney. We went to see Fame and either amused or annoyed the hell out of the one other person in the theatre with us with our incessant singing of the main theme song which, disappointingly, didn't appear in the remake.

Ah, good times.

So, Happy Birthday, B. I hope you have a good one.

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