Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Bear Breaks The Boat

So Brewster broke the couch today.

She and Max were enjoying some play time. Bru and Max ran around the living room and the dining room and then Max jumped onto the couch.

Max is twenty pounds so the couch did not mind this. Bru, being a Saint Bernard, weighs slightly more. Exponentially more.

Bru took another lap around the room and then charged Max. She leapt onto the couch, on top of poor Max (at least it wasn't a small child...or me...or Mischa. That would have been loud. Really, really loud.), and the next thing I knew, the couch was broken.

It was also pushed back a few feet. I suspect it may have only stopped because of the sliding glass door.

"Well," I said. "How about that."

So I set about trying to fix the couch. I propped up one end on my knee and felt around for the wooden foot thing that had once held up my couch. Bru very helpfully came over and licked my face as I did so. I managed to get the foot reattached, or as reattached as it was going to get, and then tried to put the couch back in place. That's when I noticed the other back foot was broken.

So then I fixed that too.

Wonder what fun we'll have tomorrow. Hope the couch holds up.

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