Tuesday, December 1, 2009

November 2009 Book Report

All right, so it turns out that when you spend an entire month trying to write a novel you may not have a lot of time to read other novels. Here's what I managed to accomplish:

Tuck- Stephen Lawhead- The third in his Robin Hood series. I loved this series, I really did. This book took a little while to get going (though not sure if that was because of the writing or just because it had been so long in between volumes) and then was very good, building up to the big final battle and all and then…there wasn’t one. Tuck managed to make peace between the two sides and I was left wanted a little more. I guess I shouldn't be sad there wasn't some major bloodbath but...I guess I am.

Bird by Bird- Anne Lamott- This is a book on writing that a fellow aspiring writer friend of mine suggested to me. I’m glad I read it. And I’m glad I read it this month too. The first part of it seemed to read like a “How To” NaNoWriMo handbook. The rest of it was just me on paper. I spent a lot of time saying “Oh my god! I do do that! How did you know?” and stuff like that. It made me laugh, it made me cry (at work even…how embarrassing!)…a must read for anyone who wants to write.

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