Saturday, November 28, 2009

Television Week In Review (Week Ending 11/28/09)


NFL Football: NY Jets at Patriots: Now, that's a much better game. Although you were making me a little nervous there for a while in the second half. Thank you.

Amazing Race: It is on like Donkey Kong! The teams go to Prague (which according to the brothers is a country.) and are annoying. I really, really, really want the brothers to go home. They bicker more than all the other teams combined. Plus, they stole Brian and Ericka's cab which was kind of a dick move, guys.

Legend of the Seeker: I haven't watched this episode yet. There are times when I hate NaNoWriMo. This is one of them.


How I Met Your Mother: Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap...need I really say more? This slaptastic show slapsolutely makes me laugh so slapping hard I can't breathe half the time. Eric Slapton. But now, the sad part is, there's only one slap left.

Big Bang Theory: Talk about not being able to breathe. This show is so damn funny. Whoever thought that back in its first season, this would become appointment television? Big shout out to Katee Sackoff who guest starred as Howard's fantasy. Also, loved Kripke's prank on Sheldon and then Sheldon's revenge prank on him.

Dancing With the Stars: So, its the finals which, let's be real, is usually won or lost on the freestyle. Mya, I think, lost because of her freestyle. She should be kicking Dmitry's ass for his play it safe idea. I really think it's going to be between Donny and Kelly. Between the two of them, I hope they pick Kelly because she's always so freaking happy. Plus, Ozzy'll be there!

Castle: Haven't watched it yet. Another NaNoWriMo victim.


So You Think You Can Dance: Legacy and Ashleigh continue to impress as does the work of Sonja Tayeh. Her routines are never, ever boring. Unlike the Can Can. That was kind of boring. Karen and Victor's tango was great and their hip hop routine boring. There were a couple of others that didn't keep my interest enough to make me watch them all the way through.

Dancing With The Stars Finale: Skipped most of the encore dances and both of Whitney's appearances so the show really didn't last that long. I am surprised that Kelly didn't place higher than third because I really thought the audience was in love with her. I am not, however, surprised that Donny walked away with the trophy over Mya because these things are won and lost on the freestyle and he went last and he had a really fun number. Mya, proceed kicking Dmitry repeatedly. That boy lost you a shiny mirrorball trophy.


So You Think You Can Dance Results: Victor and Karen are out. I'm a little surprised they kept Ryan over Victor. But at least none of the women will have to worry about having Victor as a partner next week. Did anyone else notice that all of Victor's partners were kicked off?

The Middle: Thanksgiving at the Heck Household. Pretty damn funny. Loved Sue's boyfriend and her parents' reaction to Sue's boyfriend (Should we tell her? No, she'll figure it out eventually. Or he will.) and Big Mike's listening to the game on tape in the truck. Loved Frankie's drinking and then telling everyone she has to go cry in the toilet and demanding that Mike hold her hair...and then telling the kids she had the flu while Mike told them that drinking was bad.

Modern Family: This episode made me laugh so hard, I first stopped breathing and then cried. Cameron and Mitchell are my favorite couple ever.

Glee: Kurt gives Rachel a makeover which actually repels Finn. Quinn considers keeping the baby and puts the increasinly unlikeable (which is really saying something considering I've never EVER liked her) and babysits with the Mohawk kid who spends the whole time sexting with Santana. We see the reform school glee club and the deaf school glee club. Not my favorite songs by far but still, a fun episode.


Reruns, reruns everywhere.


Monk: Holy FRAK, was that an intense episode or what??? Must see the second half of the finale NOW.


Robin Hood: Another show with another two part series finale and OH MY GOD, they did not kill Allan a Dale! C'mon, first Marion now Allan?? Am so over Robin and Kate. But what will I do when this series has finished?? Guess we'll find out next week.

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