Sunday, November 22, 2009

Television Week In Review (Week Ending 11/21/09)


NFL: Pats at Colts: Fourth and two on your own 30 yard line and you go for it? Bill, seriously, WHAT THE FUCK?!?!? Why do you insist on blowing a huge lead in the fourth quarter to our freaking arch nemesis??? Of course, I totally own the fact that had that play been successful, I would be worshiping you right now.

The Amazing Race: The teams take a slow boat to Estonia where they visit a secret brotherhood of merchants and show just how damn smart Americans are (what's a candlelabra?). Gary and Matt get to experience the saunabus too. Then everyone goes to play volleyball in some serious mud...the experience I think made the brothers a little too excited or something because CBS was using some serious blurring there. I also think the Globetrotters should have just picked up Sam and Dan and tossed them off the boardwalk into the bog.

Legend of the Seeker: The new season's second episode. I love the addition of Mord Sith Cara. Is it just me, or is this season a lot darker than the first season? I mean, lots and lots of throats were cut this episode...and all those scenes in the underworld? Yikes!


Dancing With The Stars: Mya and Dmitry are by far the best dancers and their scores reflect this. Kelly Osbourne is adorable. Both Len and Bruno were wildly inappropriate (I can't get you out of my bed, Bruno?? A tutti-frutti booty, Len??) I think either Donny or Joanna is going home.

Castle: The only parts of this show I don't like are when Castle and Beckett aren't in a scene. I also figured out that the call girl was the one responsible a while before Castle and Beckett figured it out. Go me!

How I Met Your Mother: The playbook. The scuba diver was priceless. Also loved Ted trying out the Ted Moseby and reporting that it worked like a charm. Did you know you can really google Lorenzo Von Matterhorn and see all the fake crap that Barney says he created? That's what I love about this show...the devil's in the details!

The Big Bang Theory: Leonard, Howard and Raj head to the desert to watch HBO and a meteor shower and end up having some pot cookies instead: started off very funny and got a little old by the end, but still, overall, pretty funny. The other story involved Sheldon helping an injured Penny. That was very funny. I especially enjoyed their "Soft Kitty" duet. Jim Parsons really should get another emmy nod for his performance in this show.


So You Think You Can Dance: Ashleigh and Legacy are surprising the hell out of me. They're so damn...good. How the hell did that happen? Legacy's paso doble was fantastic. The bird dance was distracting...the music especially. Loved Ryan and Ellenore's contemporary. Travis Wall is my new favorite choreographer. Sorry, Mia Michaels. You left a hole in my heart that I suspect Travis might be able to fill.

V: I recorded it. Don't know that I'll actually be watching it though.

Dancing With The Stars Results: Well, Joanna and Derek are out. I didn't think she was as much a fan favorite as the other dancers. Too bad but I am looking forward to next week's finale. Skipped the musical performances so really the show was only about five minutes long so that wasn't too bad...


The Middle: Oh my god, does this show make me laugh. Still don't know why parents would ever name a kid Brick. Did they cover that in the series premiere maybe because I never watched that. Joe maintains he was like Axel when he was a kid. That, I believe.

Modern Family: Edward Norton is hysterical. Elizabeth Banks pretty much did the same character she did in The 40 Year Old Version.

So You Think You Can Dance: I predicted that Karen and Kevin would be in trouble. I was half right. Kevin's out but so is Channing. I'm beginning to think that Victor is bad news for his partners. He's on his third one now...Karen, watch your back. You could be next.

Glee: In this episode, the Glee kids sing ballads to one another. Rachel develops a crush on Will and Kurt nurtures his crush on Finn. Finn sings "You're Having My Baby" to Quinn, in front of Quinn's parents, who promptly throw her out. The show ends with the Glee kids singing "Lean On Me" to Quinn and Finn...awwwww, sweet!


Bones: Booth's grandfather makes an appearance. Clark starts to integrate better with the team and we're introduced to the "eaters and feeders" fetish. Well, I was introduced to it at any rate. Maybe other people already knew about it. Don't know why it was so heavy handed at the we're never going to see Pops again, you know?

Fringe: Observers in love...creepy. Joshua Jackson taking out the Observers' assassin? Kind of hot...

Supernatural: This was the last episode until January. It ended with Jo and Ellen both dying and Sam and Dean failing to take out Lucifer. I figured it would end that way because it's only November and what would the boys do for the rest of the season, right? But, really, what an excellent episode. We've had so many funny outing lately that I think you were especially clobbered by this one. Good, good stuff. Castiel is such a great character. Jo and Ellen were also quite awesome and I am sad that they are gone. The previews for the next show back (again, in January) seem reminicient of the season six episode of Buffy where she thought she was in a mental institution. Anyway, see you in the new year, boys.

Project Runway: Irina won. Called that weeks ago. Whatever. Moving on now.

Flash Forward: This episode centered around Bryce and his obsession with Keiko, the girl he saw in his flash forward. We thought they would meet in Japan but they'll end up meeting in Los Angeles...very, very cool twist. Mark was an ass and that's about it.

The Mentalist: This was a very good episode, I think. Four agents died, Red John reappeared and then disappeared. The singing of "Amazing Grace" at the end was a little over the top for me, but it was, overall, a good episode. I particularly liked the press conference scene where Virgil bitch clapped (verbally, not physically) the stupid reporter who asked how he was feeling about three agents (the fourth hadn't died yet) being killed.


Again, my Friday shows are made to suffer the embarrassment of being set aside as I attempt to reach seemingly unobtainable word count goals. But I hear Monk gets back on the force, so good for him!


Robin Hood: Three episodes left until the series is done. Over. This makes me very sad. At least I'll still have Legend of the Seeker, right? Anyway, in this episode, Robin and Gisborne join forces, roll around in the leaves some more (really, when Alan announced that Robin and Gisborne were fighting in the forest, someone should've responded with something like "Again? Must be Saturday.") to go to York and free their half brother from the sheriff of York's prison. The brother (who is damn good looking by the way) is screwing the sheriff's wife on the side and parlaying his- uh- position into getting extra food for his fellow prisoners. Robin and Gisborne argue over how to get their brother (conveniently named Archer) out of jail and then, of course, all hell breaks loose. At the end, Archer steals Gisborne's horse (man, that guy really can't catch a break, can he?) and goes to presumably join forces with Isabella. Two episodes's it all gonna end?

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