Saturday, November 14, 2009

Television Week In Review (Week Ending 11/14/09)


The Amazing Race: The return of the dreaded hay bale challenge where Lena and Christie spent ten hours whatever season it was they ran the race...the gay brothers fought a lot, Meghan and Chenye fought a little but held up well, I think. The Globetrotters are still my favorites. They have the best attitudes. Gary and Matt also have good attitudes so I'm glad to know they're still in least for another week.


How I Met Your Mother: The scene in the station wagon was hysterical as was Fat Barney. Loved that Alan Thicke made an appearance. I am curious to know if we'll ever see the ill fated Canadian variety it's legendary! And, oh yeah, Robin and Barney broke up. So, so happy about that.

Dancing With The Stars: What kind of dogs does Kelly Osborne have? They remind me of puffskeins from Harry Potter (Ginny Weasley has one named Arnold in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince). Liked Joanne and Derek's robot Paso Doble. Very creative, so kudos to you, Derek.

Castle: I like Castle's interactions with his family and his interactions with Beckett and the detectives...scenes featuring the detectives without Beckett or Castle also, I think, fall flat. The Captain's line delivery was, I don't know, too stiff or something. It wasn't the most interesting mystery tonight either.

House: House and Wilson and Cuddy go on a road trip with an awkward 80s dance and an even more awkward encounter when House finds out Cuddy is dating PI Lucas. Oops. Liked House's comment to Cameron "Don't you hate it when everyone in the room knows something you don't?" and then later when House drugs Wilson in order to prevent Wilson from committing career suicide. Not the best episode of House ever but still a good one.

The Big Bang Theory: Leonard and Penny have a fight. As it turns out, Sheldon hates fighting but everywhere he turns, couples are fighting. Sheldon continues to be, by far, my favorite character.


V: So I recorded the series premiere and didn't get around to watching it and I recorded this week's episode too. I wanted to watch it because Morena Baccarin of Firefly fame is in it and I like to support the shows that feature former members of the Whedonverse...but there just wasn't time. So I was going to just delete the episodes. But then Joe caught a glimpse of Wash (Adam Tudyk of Firefly fame) and so then, with two former Firefly cast members, I just had to watch. Don't know yet if I like it. I thought the premiere was rather slow paced and a little boring, at least until right at the end. We'd accidentally seen the end of the second episode so we kind of knew already that Wash (or Dale as they call him in this show) was an alien but the other revelations were pretty good. I'll probably stick with it a little longer.

Dancing With the Stars Results: Susan Boyle and Michael Buble sang, and another couple (Aaron and Karina) was sent home. Dancecenter made another appearance...I love Dancecenter. It's entirely lame but at the same time, kind of funny.

So You Think You Can Dance: Kind of a lackluster night, really. No one particularly impressed me. A lot of the dancers had bad nights and the others were just all right.


So You Think You Can Dance Results: I thought Pauline and Robert would be in trouble. It's strange...I spent most of last season bemoaning how it wasn't as good as season four. And then it started to rock so now I'm bemoaning how season six isn't as good as season five. Anyway, the Quickstep proves once again to be the kiss of death...maybe they should rethink assigning that dance to couples.

Glee: It's back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which makes me rather gleeful!!!!! This episode managed to surprise me. Who knew Sue Sylvester had a soft side? Loved the Diva-Off and kind of wish Kurt hadn't blow the high note but it's sweet (if sad) why he did. Puck or whatever Mohawk Kid's name is baking pot cupcakes?? Too damn funny...if horrible. Also, Will's wife was nowhere to be seen. Next week's episode looks like it'll be fun.


Bones: Missed the last couple of minutes because of a DVR mix up. Stupid DVR. But the stuff leading up to the end was good. I laughed a lot when Booth entered the wrestling ring and Bones trying to fit in with her use of colloquial language and phrases was amusing too. Plus, Gordon Gordon made another appearance and I always love it when Gordon Gordon makes an appearance.

Fringe: Figured the kid for the kidnapper and not the kidnapping victim long before they revealed it. Right now I am all about the preview for next week...Observers, Observers, Observers everywhere and I can't wait!

Flash Forward: Mark and Olivia go on vacation. It gets cut short because of a guy with a three star tattoo on his arm. Mark later kills the guy in a pet shop because he thinks it'll change his future with Olivia. Because there couldn't possibly be anyone else in the world with that same tattoo, Mark...Olivia throws away Mark's lingerie gift because it so happens its the getup she's wearing when she's sleeping with poker master (or at least master cheater...) Lloyd.

Supernatural: The boys are tricked into attending a Supernatural fan convention. Both chaos and hilarity ensue. Chuck is an awesome character. I laughed a lot at the end when Becky was breaking up with Sam. And then when Sam said to Chuck (in reference to the possibility of publishing more Supernatural books) that they had guns and will find him.

The Mentalist: Not a bad episode but I'm really more interested in seeing next week's outing. Three people die. Probably people no one cares about but still, drama, right?

Project Runway: Finale, part one. Carol Hannah is sick, Irina is uppity and mean and Althea is just...there. Can't wait for this season to be over. I've heard that the next season is already filmed and just waiting to be aired. I really, really hope there are better designers.


I haven't watched any of my Friday shows yet. Contrary to what this blog might suggest, I some times have things to do apart from watching television.


Robin Hood: I haven't watched this episode yet but I'm a little worried about it because it's a flashback episode or something and Robin and Gisborne find out they have some familial connection? Whaaaat?

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