Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A True Lucid Dreaming Story

I was going to blog about my leaf peeping/hiking excursion today but as I ended up working all day and not going leaf peeping or hiking, I'm going to write about my lucid Dream Experience last night.

Apparently, lucid dreaming is going to be my new obsession which is nice because it's so much better than obsessing over what tick borne disease I'll be carrying (on that note: my tick bite spot may be shrinking. Not entirely sure though. Oh and we pulled off a nicely engorged tick from the Gator Girl last night. Super fun!) so we're going to go with it.

So I don't remember what the dream was at all but what I do remember is walking through halls or between rooms or something and Sleeping Me wanted to know what time it was and remember seeing a clock on the Dream House walls. So Sleeping Me put the dream in like a rewind state or something and backed everything up and then went forward again but this time, in slow motion so I could locate the clock and read what time it was.

Then Sleeping Me got very excited at the prospect that I could actually do this with my dream, the whole rewind and slo-mo forward thing, and got even more excited thinking about the possibility that maybe the time would actually be the right time, because how freaking cool would that be, right? So I found the clock and it said 5:50am.

Then I woke up and checked the real clock.

It was 2:00am.

I was a little disappointed.

Better luck next time, I suppose.

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