Saturday, October 31, 2009

Television Week In Review (Week Ending 10/31/09)


NFL Football: Pats at Tampa Bay at Wembley: The New England Patriots went to Merry Old England to play the winless Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And won. Woo Hoo!! Of course, Tampa Bay actually managed to score once and Tom threw two interceptions so it wasn't quite as cool as last week's game, but we'll take it.

The Amazing Race: While I wish Big Easy and Flight Time hadn't given Mika such a hard time, I'm glad they didn't get eliminated. Note to Mike: Your boyfriend is an asshole. You're cute. You can do better.


So You Think You Can Dance: A special show to introduce to us the Top Twenty and give us a chance to see them all dance in their own styles. Still don't like Legacy. Still don't like the female married ballroom dancer. Not that wild about her husband but most of all, I cannot believe there are three tap dancers in the top twenty and not one of them is Ryan Kaspersak. Travesty.

Dancing With The Stars: Caught the last hour. It's amazing how much I don't care. And yet, I still watch. Go figure.

Castle: Castle dresses up like Malcolm Reynolds and his daughter, the punk Alexis, makes some crack about how it's been five years and shouldn't we just get over it? Well, Alexis, you precocious punk ass kid, No. No, we shouldn't just get over it. The vampire themed show was fun regardless of the Firefly tease.


Dancing With The Stars Recap: Melissa and Mark and Chelsea and Louis are out. Sorry to see Mark and Chelsea go because they're great but I don't really care that Melissa and Louis are out.

So You Think You Can Dance: So found out that one of my faves, Billy Bell, had to leave the show because of illness. On top of that, Mia Michaels is leaving or has left (a little fuzzy on that one) which sucks because she's my favorite. Then, Russell's partner, Noelle, hurt herself so Russell had to dance with Melanie, one of the choreographers...awkward...but I thought he did a great job. He's a crumper (Krumper?) who did a respectable fox trot. Lots of charisma and all that so I think he may become one of my new favorites. Arianna and Brandon (was that his name?) were booted by the end of the show.


The Middle: Watched this sitcom because Glee wasn't on because of the world series. It was pretty funny. Weird to see Neil Flynn in a role playing a normal(ish) dad after watching him on Scrubs for so many years.

Modern Family: My God, I Love This Show. Today was the first day of school, which seemed odd, timing wise, but whatever. It was still damn funny.


Flash Forward: So, Mark and Olivia and the British guy from Pirates of the Caribbean (Lucas? Lewis?) all end up in the same room....Awkward...this was a good episode. Dominic Monaghan is super creepy, really looking forward to seeing his character develop. Also, the kangaroo is back. ABC suggests its important. Never went to the website so I don't know why it's important but important it is.

The Office: Had some funny moments but still, not as funny, I think, has it has been in past seasons. I know it's supposed to be a mix of funny and cringing, uncomfortable moments but it's been way too heavy on the uncomfortable stuff lately.

30 Rock: Definitely not the best episode of the season. The Tracy Jordan/Rule of three storyline didn't work for me. It had potential, definitely (loved seeing Betty White and Jimmy Fallon appearing and poking fun at themselves.), but I don't think it worked quite as well as the rest of the episode.

Supernatural: Talk about a season being on fire. This show hasn't really hit a sour note yet. Really looking forward to next week's return visit with the trickster. Those are never dull episodes.


Oh wait...haven't watched any of my Friday television shows. Still haven't watched half my Thursday episodes.


I already know I'm not going to get the chance to watch Robin Hood tonight but I'm sure I'll delight in it. We're also watching Battlestar Galactica: The Plan tonight. I'm sure I'll delight in that as well.

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