Saturday, October 24, 2009

Television Week In Review (Week Ending 10/24/09)


NFL Football: Titans at Pats: Now that game didn't suck. Unless you were on the Titans. Then it sucked big time. There was an entire screenful of records set by my beloved Pats today and I liked it. I was a little disappointed we didn't get to break the sixty point barrier but I think I'll get over it.

The Amazing Race: The gang heads to the Persian Gulf and shows off just how stupid they are. In case we weren't convinced of that after last week's episode where they confused Jackie Kennedy Onassis with Queen Elizabeth. Anyway, Cheyne spells his name stupidly. I don't know what kind of drugs his parents were on when they named him, but they must have been good ones. Lance and Kari amused with their thick Boston accents ("We have to park the car") and inability to find their way through Dubai. They ultimately came in last which made Joe and I very happy too.


How I Met Your Mother: So, I'm not a fan of the Robin/Barney pairing but I am a fan of Canadian jokes. Also like Ted on a road trip with Marshall and Lily. Tantrum seems frightening.

Dancing With The Stars: Tuned in just in time to see Mya and Alec's Argentine Tango. Every tango I see now pales in comparison to Giles and Cheryl's tango from last season. There were also some weak ass Paso Dobles. Just saying. Giles and Cheryl were the best. Also wondering what the hell happened to Samantha Harris's hair.

House: Only got to watch the first twenty minutes of this episode thanks to the stupid Yankees/Angels game. They were an interesting twenty minutes. Curse you, post season baseball (this, of course, only pertains to years when the Red Sox are not playing.

The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon, as usual, was brilliant. Liked Wolowitz bonding with the blind date girl over their overbearing mothers.

Castle: So there was a mystery and all but who cares about that? Did you see the preview for next week?? Nathan Fillion is wearing his Malcolm Reynolds outfit. Must. Know. Why.


Dancing With The Stars Results: Natalie Coughlin is booted. The pros did a tribute to Michael Jackson. Waited the whole time for them to do the proper Thriller dance.


So You Think You Can Dance: The top 20 is announced. Catherine McCormick, the girl with the annoying propensity for crying and high pitched tones only a dog can hear, makes it. WTF?? What I hate about this is that I don't even know half the contestants because they don't feature them until this point. Paula, a dancer I was actually looking forward to seeing, turned them down so Ashley the married ballroom dancer made it in. Whatever.

Glee: Not my favorite episode. There were a lot of funny parts, like when Ken and Emma were talking about their ceremony (she's agreed to at least be in the same room as him when the marriage is made official because he's a traditionalist...) and the slushie war. I liked Teri not being in this episode at all and only mentioned when Sue brings up Will's sham of a marriage. The musical portions weren't my favorite.

Modern Family: Seriously, this is one funny show. If you're not watching it, you don't know (obviously) what you're missing. The scene where Phil is talking to Gloria in her bedroom is hysterical and the part where Jay asks Mitchell and Cam if he was attractive had me laughing so hard, I choked.


Flash Forward: Was watching this show on its Friday repeats but Stupid Ugly Betty bumped the rerun and I had to switch to watching it online instead so I got a little behind. We're officially caught up now though. I love this show. I do. Don't know what the hell's happening with anything or anyone but it's still damn cool. A little worried that Janice is losing an awful lot of blood. So who put the hit on the team? The President? His soon to be vice president? The Nazi? Or the British guy who's going to be sleeping with Olivia in six months? Maybe Merry the hobbit...I mean Dominic Monaghan. If I watched Lost, I would call him Charlie but I don't watch Lost (never made it to the half way point of the first season) so I'm sticking with Merry.

The Office: This was a pretty good episode, I think. Lots of classically awkward moments and lots of hysterics. Loved when Dwight got caught with the listening device in the duck (Mallard) and Stanley's face when Pam was completely losing it in the meeting.

30 Rock: So, so funny. Loved Tracy's line "A book hasn't given me this much trouble since Where's Waldo went to the barbershop pole factory." I have missed this show so much.

Project Runway: Joe and I had a discussion about how the talent this season just doesn't seem to match up with the talent from previous seasons. Bring back Christian!! Anyway, Irina won this challenge at a walk and Nicholas was sent home (finally.). Fully expect Irina to win this season. She may be a bitch but she's a good designer. It's not a personality contest. Liked Milla Jojovich as a guest judge. Bring her back again.


Dollhouse: Written by Marissa and Jed...two of my favorite writers! This episode focused on Sierra and how she came to be in the dollhouse. Echo didn't feature much but she's got something cooking. Trouble's the form of Summer Glau, perhaps? I guess we'll find out in freaking December when the show returns.

Monk: I thought a lot of this episode was just plain awkward. It's been so long since we've seen Sharona (Never thought she would've left to marry her ex...again.) and it seemed clunky having her back. The mystery wasn't much of a mystery either. At the end, Sharona said she'd be back in a couple of weeks...just in time maybe for the series finale?

White Collar: USA's newest show which pairs an FBI agent with a white collar criminal in order to catch other white collar criminals. Not the best pilot ever but good enough, I think, to get me to watch. At least until Burn Notice and Psych come back in January...


Robin Hood: Last week, Prince John showed up to cause trouble and turn the Sheriff and Gisborne against each other. It ended with Gisborne stabbing the Sheriff, the Sheriff pulling a "Matrix" like death scene and then the Sheriff getting loaded onto a "bring out your dead" cart...I was convinced it wasn't true because the Sheriff (the way Keith Allen plays him) is too good a character to get rid of but then, Keith Allen's name wasn't in the opening credits this week so...intrigue. Still convinced he'll reappear and it'll be awesome. Anyway, this week, trouble rears its ugly head again as Robin and Isabella find out the road of true love is full of potholes. Season three DVDs will be available this January! Oh Happy Day!

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