Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Sports

So, it's Sunday. It's Columbus Day weekend (a sham holiday, by the way) which means that baseball is in playoffs and the NFL is heating up.

The Red Sox took on the Angels today at Fenway. We lost. Which means we're now out of the playoffs. I swore a lot but I'm honestly not surprised. I am unfailingly loyal to the Red Sox, don't get me wrong, but I think the Angels were the better team. This time. See you in April, boys.

Right now I'm watching the end of the Pats/Broncos game. It's tied and nearing the end of the fourth quarter. Our defense sucks and our offense (Sorry, Tom) doesn't seem to be much better. I'm really hoping we can pull something out of our asses here because my mood's been in a downward spiral since the Red Sox blew that whole 5-1 lead.

Here are some things about football which I do not understand:

Taunting: Seriously, you're big boys. You can take it, I'm sure. I'm saying this because the Pats had a costly taunting penalty at some point in the fourth quarter which resulted in the Broncos being able to score a game tying touchdown. Frakkers.

Pass Interference (When called on the Pats anyway...): Uh...isn't that the point of the defense? To interfere with the pass?

The Denver Broncos Throwback Uniforms: No wonder y'all changed.

Why The Pats Defense Can't Seem To Stop Anything: Oh wait. Actually, I understand that one. We traded away our all-star defensive lines for draft picks for next season. Have fun scouting, boys.

Why Tom Brady Can't Seem To Make Contact With Randy Moss: Yeah, I've got nothing except big question marks on this one.

Huh. The Pats just fumbled the ball with a minute and half left to go in the game. If you'll excuse me, I need to go rail at the television for a while.

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