Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nothing To Report

But here I am anyway, blogging because I am unofficially a part of the National Blog Writing Month or whatever it's called. It's my own personal goal.

Actually, my own personal goal is to write books. Publishing said books would be nice, really nice, but if nothing should ever happen with that, I'll still write books. My four fans demand it.

I'd also like to appear in a Joss Whedon musical. My obsession with Dr. Horrible grows more with each passing day. I'd like to appear in the sequel to Dr. Horrible so Joss, if you're reading this, please, call me.

I also made a goal to eat healthier. And, for a while, I was doing well with that goal but now it's getting nearer to Halloween and all the stores have aisle upon aisle of fun sized candy bars just begging to be eaten. My favorites are Hershey bars and Kit Kats. Peanut Butter Cups are a must. Joe likes Twix, which can be good but they're not my favorites. Sometimes I like Three Musketeer bars or Nestle Crunch.

I'm going to the movies with my sister tomorrow. My movie candy of choice is a box of Junior Mints but I think I'm going to go the popcorn route. No butter topping though. That stuff's just disgusting. Will probably sneak in a bottle of water to along with it.

When I was in high school, the theaters had this really big buckets with Disney characters printed on them. If you bought the bucket, you got free refills on your popcorn so I bought the bucket mostly because it had Disney characters on it (loved The Lion King...Still do.) and then for the weeks afterwards, I would sneak my bucket back into the theater (it's possible I was the reason why they started doing bag checks.) and then wait a reasonable amount of time and then go out and get my free refill. Then, when they changed buckets (Pocahontas I think was next), I bought a new one and started all over again.

Maybe not my most moral moment ever but certainly one of my craftiest. That popcorn's expensive!

Anyway, I think I'm headed for bed (more lucid dreaming, perhaps?). Worked a long couple of days. My schedule wasn't that demanding until my co-worker had to have a callous dug out of her foot and the management needed someone to fill in for her. I figured I should take the hours while they were offering because, come December, the hours will start to die away again, a little at a time until they dry up almost completely until the next busy season starts.

I made a goal in January that this year would be my last year working in retail. I don't think I'll be making that one. Which is all right. There's always next year.

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