Friday, October 2, 2009

Frantic Friday

Today I had been planning to write an entry about query letters. I was going to write a letter using all the don'ts all the query letter writing guides tell you to avoid. You know, for kicks and giggles. And it was going to be hysterical. But that's going to have to wait. Things, as they generally do in my world, got off track.

The day started off all right. Well, it started off with the Gator Girl puking in her crate, but that happens a lot. I'm starting to suspect she does it on purpose when she really, really wants to get up and doesn't want to wait for me. Today it was 7:02am, which is later than usual for the Gator Girl, but certainly not that late. So she vomited in her crate. I got the bed moved in time so at least I didn't have to add "wash the Gator Girl's bed" to my list of chores.

Then I settled on the couch to watch a little television. I was watching The Vampire Diaries. Apparently, I've crossed over from curious to fan. I'm kind of embarrassed by it but I'm coping. The Gator Girl slept at the other end of the couch. While she did so, one of my cats, Fat Cat, decided to get in my lap. This was a very bold move and while I did nothing to discourage it, I spent a lot of time then praying the Gator Girl would not wake up suddenly and start a major battle in my lap.

She did wake up but, after I assured her it was all right, she settled back on the couch and slept with her head in my lap, next to Fat Cat. It went so well that I was reluctant to get up and so I watched Supernatural. Really good episode, by the way. And, oh yeah, there was that whole miracle on my couch thing too. Whoa.

After noon, I put the dogs in the car and we went to do the errands. Started at the library where I went to return the book Brimstone by Robert B. Parker. I didn't intend to check any other books out as I have a huge pile of books at home waiting for my attention, but I just happened to see they had Tuck by Stephen Lawhead. This is the third book in his retelling of the Robin Hood legend. I read and loved the first two, particularly the second book Scarlet. This third installment came out earlier this year and I hadn't read it yet because the library didn't have it and I didn't want to buy it in hardcover, although I do have every intention of buying it, because I have the other two books in paperback and I want them to all be the same. It's one of my super fun, and not at all annoying, quirks.

Anyway, I checked out the book and we continued on our day. We ended up at Joe's office. I pick the company's mail up at the post office when I pick up my own and take it to the office so I'm there most days. And many days, I am the subject of office conversation. Apparently, I am fascinating.

Earlier this week, the boys were talking about my penchant for swearing. It's true. I like to say "Fuck", among other swears. My father's a sailor. My swearing ability is genetic. Then later in the week, they were talking about my upcoming visit to King Richard's Faire and my intention of buying a pair of short swords and/or a double bladed battle axe.

Today, they were talking about how Joe and I met. If you don't already know, we met in an online chat room. This fascinates everyone. Today, it fascinated the boys in the office. They were curious what the ice breaker was. Neither Joe nor I could remember so we assumed it was our proximity of hometowns. What I did remember was how Joe and his punk friend at the time, Vinny, came to the store where I worked at the time, knowing I worked there, so they could check me out. Of course, I didn't know it was Joe and his punk friend Vinny. I only knew it was a pair of jackasses annoying the hell out of me. So much so that when we first met face to face, I said to him "You were one of those jerks in the store that night..."

And, as I said to the boys in the office then, "And he hasn't changed since..."

After our visit to the office, I took the dogs to the outlet mall. There's a very dog friendly outlet mall in North Conway, the mall where I work, and it was payday. So I took the dogs for a walk while we waited for the abysmally slow Fed Ex man. Just as an aside, I have to say that when we had UPS deliveries, I never had to wait past 10am for my paycheck. Just saying.

We came across a lot of people who did a double take when they saw Sebastian. One couple stopped to talk to me about the dogs so I asked the dogs (in French) to sit. This delighted the couple who were, evidently, French Canadians.

"You speak French?" the woman asked me (in French).

And though I understood what she had asked, I had to say no, because really, my French isn't really all that good. Or that useful. I can insult people fairly efficiently but I didn't think they would be very impressed by that. So I said no.

"But that was French," the woman protested. "What you said to the dogs, it is French."

"Yes," I said. "The dogs are trained in French. I know dog French but not much else."

They understood (kind of) then. We finished our walk, picked up my paycheck and then headed off to the bank. The dogs love to go to the bank because they get cookies. Of course, the Gator Girl dropped half of hers in between the seats which spurred an "Oh my god, where's my cookie?!?!?" frenzy. Hmmm...The Gator Girl in a frenzy...must be Friday.

So anyway, that's about it. Got home in time to do some laundry and other chores. Now we're winding down and preparing for the weekend. Ren Faires and football...must be fall.

Tune in next time when I'll tell you the fascinating story of what Heather and I did at the Ren Faire. Tune in next week when I'll be sure to get back to the saga of the query letter. Until then...Go Pats!!

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