Monday, October 5, 2009

The Dempsey Challenge

The Dempsey Challenge is (was?) a road race (both bike and foot) fund raiser for cancer research and whatnot. It's named after Patrick Dempsey of Grey's Anatomy fame, who is from Maine. The race was run yesterday. I know because we drove through it.

We were on our way to my brother and sister-in-law's house for some puppy socializing (They recently got a new puppy and we're striving to get our two dogs to accept their new puppy. So far, it's going pretty well.) and some football. They have a really nice giant wide screen plasma television and I was really looking forward to watching Tom Brady's ass- I mean, the Patriots- on it.

But first we had to get there. We left our house earlier than we would normally because the Fryeburg Fair also started yesterday and, as to which many people can attest, driving through the Fair traffic sucks. It can sometimes add hours (as in more than one) to your drive time. So we opted to take the back roads. In theory, the back roads should've only added ten or fifteen minutes to our drivetime. And they would have this time too if it hadn't been for the Dempsey Challenge.

That said, let me just add that I totally support cancer research and the fund raising for it. I am not a bad person.

We first became aware of the bike race on our way through Bridgton, heading toward Naples. My first thought was "Oh shit" and that was because the Gator Girl does not like bicycles. She especially does not like whole big groups of bicycles. The car ride was about to get very loud, very fast.

Then we turned onto Route 11 which is a nice narrow, hilly and curvy route. Just perfect for a bike race and the people riding it. And the people in their cars trying not to run over the people on their bicycles. Especially the people in their cars trying to hold down their Belgian Malinois so that she might not totally freak out and tag the long suffering German Shepherd, who was wishing he was anywhere other than in the backseat with her.

So we continued on our way. The bikers seemed to be everywhere, going in every direction and we couldn't seem to escape them or figure out exactly which way they were going. We did see some very funny things which I'll tell you about at the end of this blog. The highlights reel or something.

But yeah. We couldn't get free of them. They were on both sides of the road and crossing the road and riding, at times, three across the road (it's share the road, people.), and (remembering that I do fully support cancer research and the fund raising for it) it was kind of annoying. And by 'kind of annoying', I of course mean 'really frakking annoying'- I mean 'not at all annoying because I fully support cancer research and the fund raising for it.'

Finally, when we were held up at a major intersection that had stopped all traffic to let through a never ending line of bicyclists, I had to call my brother and sister-in-law to let them know we were going to be a little later than we'd thought we'd be because we'd been waylaid by this bike race.

"Oh yeah, the Dempsey Challenge," my brother said. "Yeah, it's come within like a half mile of our house."

"Well that does it," I said while the Gator Girl shattered my eardrums with her never ending high pitched let me at 'em barking. "I'm never watching Grey's Anatomy again."

So, yeah. We finally made it, socialized the dogs, ate our pizza and watched the Patriots beat the Baltimore Ravens. There were no bikers to be seen on our ride home and the back roads kept us save from the Fair traffic. The end.

Or is it....Here are the top three highlights as viewed by us during the Dempsey Challenge Road Race.

3. The man with the cup holder on his handlebars which held a large Dunkin' Donuts cup. America does indeed run on Dunkin'.

2. The man carrying on a cell phone conversation while participating in the Dempsey Challenge Road Race.

And Finally...The Winner of the "WTF" award...

1. The man smoking a cigarette while participating in the Dempsey Challenge Road Race. Guess he figured he should support cancer research since he'll be needing it in the future.

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