Saturday, September 26, 2009

Television Week In Review (Week Ending 9/26/09)


NFL Football: Pats at Jets: Well, that sucked. And the worst part is, Heather wasn't anywhere near the house so I have to blame the loss on the Pats themselves. This must be what it feels like to be a Jets fan...At least the Red Sox won.

Emmy Awards: I usually don't watch this show, or watch much of it at any rate, but this year I had to tune in because of Neil Patrick Harris. This show rocked if only because Dr. Horrible made an appearance. Oh my God!!!!!!! Dr. Horrible!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, some other stuff happened too but I completely forgot it all when Dr. Horrible appeared. Please, please, please Joss. We need more Dr. Horrible. Anyway, fantastic show, especially for an awards show. Neil Patrick Harris (who was robbed) is such a great host.


How I Met Your Mother: This show has been much funnier. Something felt off. Probably the Robin/Barney pairing. Am hoping they regain the funny soon.

Accidentally On Purpose: Watched this because the powers that be at CBS split up the two shows I actually like to watch on Monday nights. While it wasn't great, or even really all that good, there were a couple of parts that made me laugh. Don't know what the British actress's name is, but I liked her in Extras.

Two and a Half Men: To think that Jon Cryer (no offense, Jon) beat out Neil Patrick Harris for his acting on this show is maddening. This show does make me laugh but it's just not the same quality of comedy as How I Met Your Mother.

The Big Bang Theory: The boys are back!! I was glad when everyone had shaved. The scene with Laurie Metcalf was particularly funny (the evolution vs. creationism bit) because Joe and I had literally been talking about it like an hour earlier.

Castle: Rick's back in action, trying to make Beckett stop hating him. There's a murder and they solve it. I like the chemistry between Castle and Beckett. I like the scenes between Castle and his mother and daughter. The rest isn't's just not as good as the rest. Loved the line that Hollywood had optioned Asteroids the game for a movie...Ryan Reynolds would be playing the green triangle and he's good.

House: What an amazing premiere. Seriously, I think that might be my favorite episode(s) ever. Great writing, great acting. Loved that it was House and House alone, with the exception of a brief cameo by Wilson. Loved seeing House stirring up trouble, loved seeing him slowly come to grips with everything. Andre Brauer is a fraktastic actor and I absolutely loved him in this role. Seeing Silent Girl play the cello at the end made me cry. A good start, a very good start, to the season.


Dancing With The Stars: This show is one of my guilty pleasures. Seriously. It's just good ole campy fun. Joe likes it too. Of course, I think Joe's in it more for the skimpy costumes. But I am nothing if not open minded. Anyway, this was the premiere of the female contestants. Melissa Joan Hart does not look any older than she did when she was Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Just slightly older than she did when she played Clarissa on Clarissa Explains It All (how much did I love that show as a kid?). Macy Gray was funny...don't know what she said but judging from everyone's reactions, it was priceless. Kelly Osbourne's performance made me laugh (like when she said the word that best describes her as a dance is "crap".). Mya and Joanne the swimsuit model were quite good. Speaking of the swimsuit model, I think Derek has a little crush.


So You Think You Can Dance: The audition tour was in Boston this week and I had a good laugh at Cat Deeley attempting a Boston accent. Especially the "wicked pisser" part. Too funny. Curious how the judges make their decisions. Like, the breakdancing freakazoid...sure, he had some cool moves but I fully expected them to put him through to the choreography round to see if he could do something else but they put him straight through. And yet, the crumper (krumper?) who had some sick dance skills had to do the choreography. The too tall tapper didn't get to go through and I honestly don't remember anyone else. Next week, Atlanta!

Dancing With The Stars Results: Love to record this show and then fast forward through all the crap parts. Though we sometimes had to go back and rewatch Samantha Harris's interviews because they're oh so often cringe worthy. Anyway, I loved the Lion King segment and the Patrick Swayze tribute (waited the whole thing for the Dirty Dancing lift. Was not disappointed.) Ashley Hamilton and Macy Gray were booted. Too bad, so sad.

Modern Family: This show cracked me up, big time. Will definitely be watching it again to see where it goes. Loved the "traditional" family's hijinks, Ed O'Neill's gruff character and the red headed gay guy (from that show "The Class" a while back...anyone else remember that show? He played the depressed guy.).

Glee: I just love this show. Rachel is getting on my nerves but DAMN, Lea Michele can sing. Jane Lynch is a comedic goddess and I loved seeing Mike O'Malley as Kurt's dad. One of my favorite lines was his: "I've known since you were three. All you wanted for your birthday was a pair of sensible heels." Too, too funny.


Vampire Diaries: So, I was planning to cut this show loose because Thursdays are just too crowded but things happened and I had to put Bones on hold, so I tuned in. Plus, the teaser said something about Stefan trying out for the football team which just amused me to no end, and so I watched. What ended up happening was probably the most entertaining episode yet. Strike the probably. It was the most entertaining episode yet. Love that the show is reinforcing the stereotype that the slutty girls get bitten by vamps. Also like Bianca's (at least I think that's her name) character and I am interested to see where that goes. I also wasn't sad with the asshat history teacher was eaten by Damon. Also missing was the too young to be an aunt Jenna. Didn't miss her either though.

Fringe: The gang stumbles across a Gollum like creature eating people (or at least killing people) underneath a Pennsylvania farm house. Olivia has developed super sonic hearing and nearly shoots Peter in the face. Meanwhile, Evil Charlie is on a mission: get Olivia to remember what happened in altera-world...or else.

Project Runway: The challenge tonight was to make a costume for a particular style movie. Nicholas won with his ice queen get up while Christopher and Epperson were close runners up. I think Epperson was robbed. I would totally wear that costume. Was also shocked that Ra'mon was booted over Louise.

The Mentalist: Started watching this show during the summer when there was nothing else going on. It's not a bad show by any means and it is, at times, rather entertaining. But it lacks the zany insanity of Psych.

The Office: Better than the season premiere.

Community: So, I have a problem watching this show. I think I've watched Joel McHale on The Soup so often I have a hard time thinking of him as anyone other than Joel McHale. It took me a while to think of David Boreanez as anyone other than Angel, but it happened eventually so there's hope for Joel yet.

Bones: This show seemed to have more rhythm that the premiere did. I've always liked Wendell the Lab Assistant so I hope the group's banding together to save his scholarship means he'll become a series regular. I mean, c'mon, even Booth likes him.

Supernatural: So, the absolute best moment was Castiel's face at the strip club. Classic. Dean and Castiel also go to Waterville. As in Maine. Which is funny because I'd seriously been wondering not too long ago why they'd never gone to Maine. Now I have to wonder why they've never gone to New Hampshire.

Grey's Anatomy: Haven't watched it yet. Maybe never will. Haven't decided yet.

FlashForward: Really want to check this show out but I haven't had time yet. Too much television, not enough hours.


Dollhouse: Haven't watched it yet (I've been busy and got a little behind on my demanding television schedule.) but Apollo from Battlestar Galactica is the guest star so I'm really looking forward to watching it.

Monk: VooDoo dolls come to town and start causing havoc. I didn't have this episode solved before the opening credits, so that was a good thing. I know they're running out of episodes so I'm waiting for Trudy's case to be brought up again.

Psych: Urkel and the kid from The Mighty Ducks guest star as Gus's college friends. It was a good episode, lots of laughs and a good mystery to boot.


Robin Hood: So, this week, the Sheriff blackmails the Abbot because the Abbot spent a decade translating the Bible into English which is a big bad no-no. So the Abbott, to protect his work, declares Robin a heretic. The gang gets themselves into trouble and Kate has to save them. Much tells Kate he has feelings for her and Kate tells him it can never happen because he's dirty and smells and is a heretic. Seems like someone is a little closed minded.


  1. You watch the two shows I watch. (Don't get me started on the crappy digital switch where I now get less stations than the original 5 I formerly got with analog.)

    Hafta have me some Supernatural. Loved the bookending of the vessels. Very nice. And Dang. Sam without his shirt. I'd tune in for that and nothing else. And I loved the Bert and Ernie speech and Cas' reaction.

    Big Bang. It was good, but the guys seem different and not as funny as the previous seasons. Writing might be off. I know it's only the first show, but getting a vibe that it may be downhill from here. God, I hope not.b/c I srsly love the humor of the show.

  2. I do recall do a little wolf whistling/cat calling and drooling when Shirtless Sam appeared on screen (which some times makes me feel weird because I used to watch Jared Padalecki on Gilmore Girls when he was Dean, Rory's boyfriend and decidedly too young for me.). The Significant Other is used to it, albeit reluctantly. I'd forgotten about the Bert and Ernie speech when I wrote that blurb but, yeah, that was great.