Sunday, September 20, 2009

Television Week In Review (Week Ending 9/19/09)


The US Open Women's Final: Watched Kim Clijsters take on Caroline Wozniacki for the women's title. I was rooting for Kim and, thus, was pretty happy. Joe and I also decided we could start a drinking game. Take a shot every time they mentioned or alluded to Serena Williams's meltdown. You'd be pretty damn drunk by the end of it.


The US Open Women's Doubles Final: The Williams sisters won handily. The best moment was the post match interview when Patrick McEnroe kept trying to get Serena to talk about the now infamous profanity fest that was the semifinal. The third or fourth time he tried to get her to comment on it, the crowd booed and Venus said, "What I think they're trying to tell you, Patrick, is that they're ready to move on." Indeed.

The US Open Men's Final: Can't believe Rog flinched and flinched that badly. And swore at the chair umpire. Decorum, people, decorum! Loved John McEnroe's comment that the chair umpire couldn't talk to Roger Federer like that. Too funny. Props to Juan Martin del Potro though. Somewhere, Andy Roddick is beating his head against a wall.

Monday Night Football: Bills at Patriots: After, rescheduling a dinner with Heather (I'm sorry, Heather, but every time you come over to watch football, something terrible happens. First we lose the Superbowl to frakking Eli Manning and then Tom Brady gets taken out for the entire season. I just can't take the chance.), Joe and I settled down to watch the season opener. Holy crap, what a game. I spent a lot of time screaming at the Pats defense. I spent a lot of time screaming at the Pats offense. Then, at the end, I spent a lot of time just screaming. Jumping up and down and screaming. Then I spent some time sitting in front of the television just not breathing. Note to Bill: great job and all, but how about next week we make things a little less interesting??


Nothing interesting on so Heather and I watched Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. Again. And not only did we watch Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, we sang along with Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. We were delighted. Joe was, I suspect, slightly less so.


So You Think You Can Dance: Love, love, love this show. Last week, it was all about the tappers. Love Ryan Kasperzack and really, really want the producers to get him and that other male tapper to perform Moses Supposes because that would be frakking AWESOME. This week, everyone was in Phoenix. The show made me tear up twice before the first half hour had passed. But still, I'm all about the tappers.

Glee: How much do I love Glee? Maybe not as much as my Sharpie fine point pens, but pretty damn close. Last week, Terri discovered she wasn't pregnant but decided not to tell Will the truth because she's afraid of losing him. This week, Will told his parents Terri's pregnant and then started an acapella group with some of the guys. Joe doesn't really go for the whole singing and dancing format, but I'm loving it.


Bones: The season premiere. Last season ended with Booth in a coma after brain surgery and Brennan reading him a story she'd written where they were married and expecting and owning a bar and whatnot. This season begins with Booth being reinstated by Sweets. The episode had a weird vibe to it and not just because Cyndi Lauper played a psychic. Everyone felt be expected, I suppose, because it was their first case back too. Everyone needs to find their rhythm again. A couple of laugh out loud moments.

Vampire Diaries: So I watched the pilot last week and didn't hate it so I thought I'd give it another week. I'd like to congratulate the supporting cast of Everwood on having found a new show. This week left me still feeling undecided. There are good moments and then there are Dawson's Creek moments (which is to be expected because of Kevin Williamson). Stephan so far seems to be a much better vampire than Edward Cullen. His brother Damon needs to tone down his evilness just a little before I'll find him actually scary and not just annoying. Vicki is entirely too old to be playing a high school student. The history teacher is an asshat and I think Aunt Jenna looks like she should be playing Vicki's character. Oh, and Zack called Stephan his uncle. Anyway, I'll be watching another week. Probably.

The Office: Michael starts spreading false rumors about everyone in the office. He happens to hit on a couple of true rumors and inadvertently outs Pam's pregnancy. This episode had some funny moments like when Michael asked if Pam peed on a stick and Jim said, "Yes I did. It was inconclusive." But I hope this show gets its stride back. It can be very, very funny but of late it's been more hit or miss.

Community: Joel McHale of The Soup stars in this new show about a guy who goes to community college when he gets discovered for being a fraud. He starts a study group to try and get to know this girl and ends up attracting a lot of misfits. Naturally. Anyway, the pilot wasn't brilliant or anything but I think the show has potential.

Fringe: It's baaaaaack. Olivia wasn't in much of this episode which suited me just fine because I don't really care enough about her character. Especially since she's a lead. I'm in it for Walter and Peter. The dynamic duo. Loved the scene where Walter gleefully announced he could ride with the body and Peter said, "Go ahead. Just stay out of the medication." Anyway, Olivia doesn't remember her trip to the past, there's a new sexy yet fiesty female agent on the case and Charlie Francis is the latest "Evil Francie" storyline. If you watched Alias, you'll know what that meant.

Supernatural: Last week, the devil was set free (oops!) and found a vessel. Bobby was possessed and stabbed himself to stop the demon within him from killing Dean. Castiel returned from the dead to go medieval on a whole bunch of other angels and Dean turned down life as an angel condom. And oh yeah, one more thing, Dean said he doesn't know how he'll ever trust Sam again. So this week, the boys go to Colorado to help Rufus, Ellen and Jo battle a town full of demons. Turns out it was War, as of the four horsemen of the apocalypse and he drives a sweet mustang. This was a good episode. I think I might have enjoyed it more than the opener. Anyway, it ends with Sam and Dean going their own ways. Yikes.

Project Runway: It's still a little early to be naming your favorites because are just so many designers but Qristal or however one spells her name, was someone I was not sad to see go last week. To be honest, I'm not sure why they even had her on the show to begin with. But anyway, this week, the gang had to make clothes out of newspapers. I think Irina's coat was interesting at the top and then the cuffs around the sleeves but other than that, it wasn't interesting. Certainly not interesting enough to win. Can't believe Althea (is that her name?) didn't win. Joe can't believe Kristopher didn't. Also not sorry to see Lyin' Johnny go. I miss Michael Kors and Nina Garcia but tonight's slate of guest judges (Tommy Hilfiger and Eva Longoria Parker) did yield the very funny line, "Tommy doesn't iron, honey." Hey, neither do I.


Monk: The final season. Thought last week's episode with Jay Mohr was really very good, one of the best in a long time for me. This week's mystery, I had solved early and spoiled it for Joe. Sorry, Joe, but I thought it was really, really obvious. Still, it was amusing to see Monk in the men's room. If you don't watch the show and are reading this, that probably sounds really, really strange, but if you did watch the show, you'll know what I mean.

Psych: I love this show. I love the absolute absurdity of it all. They must have so much fun on set. This week was a Bally (Baliwood?) themed episode staring the guy from Heroes and the guy from Super Troopers. Love Shawn and Lassiter trying to one-up the other. I am also wondering for how long Shawn will continue to have a girlfriend.


Robin Hood: Two episodes into the final season and I am already depressed. So not ready for this series to end. Damn you, Jonas Armstrong, for wanting to go on and do other things. Last week, Robin came back and tried to get revenge on Gisbourne for killing Marion (Stab him once for me, Robin) but realized that Gisbourne wanted to die because living with what he'd done was hell on earth, and Robin let Gisbourne live. Gisbourne's in a new broody state that's kind of interesting even if his hair is ridiculous. He realizes he hates the sheriff but sticks around anyway. This week, the sheriff gets involved in Irish politics and agrees to sell a couple of Irishmen some slaves to turn into soldiers so they can take on Prince John and stop whatever hijinks the prince of darkness is up to over there. The sheriff will then take the money he gets from the Irishmen and use it to pay Prince John the "sorry I ruined your plot to kill the king" tax that was levied upon him in the first episode. Anyway, nothing goes according to plan and Robin is taken prisoner which ultimately results in the Best. Escape. Ever. Two words: Giant Hangglider. Or is that three word? Giant Hang Glider? Whatever. We are also introduced to Kate, the traitorous strumpet who was responsible for Robin's capture. She's a new series regular. I don't like her. That is all.

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