Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tales From The Island, Day Four

What did we do yesterday?

Oh yeah. We decided to hike Pemetic Mountain (Elevation 1248 feet). We took the entirely uneventful shuttle ride (of course, after Sunday's experience, I think any shuttle ride will be uneventful.) and started from the Bubble Pond entrance around noontime. It was 1.2 miles to the summit of Pemetic Mountain. Uphill kicks my ass. It really does. I'll get to the top eventually, but it takes me a while. I am deathly slow some days. I think I was moderately slow this time.

We reached the summit at about 1:15. It's a nice view from the top. I took some nice pictures that I would post here if I knew how to post pictures in this blog (Joe keeps telling me I need to check out some other blogging thingamagig that might be more Melissa friendly than my current blog thingamagig is.) We got back down the mountain, to the Jordan Pond side of the mountain, around 2:30pm. The entire trip was 3.2 miles.

While we were waiting for the bus, we saw two Malinois coming off one of the carriage roads. Joe pretty much had to hold me back because, boy, did I want to go over there. The bus showed up though so I didn't get a chance. Then I hoped we would run into them in town but we haven't seen them yet. Dammit.

We spent the afternoon wandering around the village, killing time before dinner. We started off at the Bar Harbor Brewing Company and tasted some beers, including a Blueberry ale. We're planning to go back to get some to take home later in the week.

We went into Del Sol, a store in which all its merchandise changes color in the sun. We were sent here to buy some nail polish that is one color inside and another color in the sun. And it's changes like a light purple to red. Or a silver to red. There's a blue sparkly polish that turns green and a silver glittery polish that turns red. They're pretty neat.

After that, we went to one of the pet stores where I bought a special present for my mother and talked to the guy who worked there about how much I missed my puppies. I think Joe's getting annoyed with me for accosting everyone with a dog so I can get my dog fix.

The pet store was followed by the bookstore where we saw the Line Nazi from the movies. She works at the bookstore, but fortunately, in the hard cord Maine souvenir section where we had no need to go. I ended up buying a couple of books by a local author, Kristen Britain, who writes fantasy novels. Her first book, The Green Rider, wasn't in but they had it on order, so they're going to call me if it should come in before we have to leave on Thursday. I hope it does come in. The books look good and I like the idea of support a local fantasy writing author. Maybe someday, someone will do the same for me.

We had dinner at Miguel's, a local Mexican place we'd eaten at before. I tried to go to this bakery that sold ginormous brownies, but they were closed by the time we got there. I bought a whoopie pie at the Cottage Street Bakery instead but it was frozen, so I couldn't eat it right away.

So we went to the Criterion Theater to watch District Nine. What a freaking bizarre movie. Seriously, a strange, yet oddly compelling movie. If you don't like the sight of people being evaporated into puddles of bloody goo, then I'd recommend going to see something else.

We got back to the hotel just after 10pm. My whoopie pie was still mostly frozen but the part that wasn't frozen was just gross so I ended up throwing it out.

Huh...Monday took longer to bore you with than I thought it would. I'll have to write the Day Five entry later on. But here's a teaser for you: The Line Nazi makes another appearance.


  1. Still jealous. I need to stop reading because even the crappy bus ride from yesterday sounded divine.

    Was the pet store Bark Harbor? Since we always took our dogs with us, we always offered them up to the people who needed fuzz therapy to make it through until they got back to their pets.

    Nice work supporting a local author!

    Damn shame about that whoopie pie.

    Can't wait to hear the continuing saga of the Line Nazi!

  2. I think we were in Walking The Dog then, not Bark Harbor but we spent some time in there too.