Saturday, September 5, 2009

Island Tales, Days One and Two

So, Joe and I are on vacation. We've gone away to Bar Harbor because well, because we adore Bar Harbor. It was just going to be for the long weekend but since the vacation Joe scheduled for May was canceled because of work, we decided to make this a full week excursion.

We arrived yesterday afternoon, later than I had originally planned because there was, naturally, a problem at the office. Something with the servers. We spent some time in the car, sitting on the Maine/New Hampshire line, while Joe talked to the guys about the server problem and what they could try to revolve it. Joe said, "Do you want me to come in?" more than once. I didn't scream. I'm nice like that. Joe's boss was also nice because he said, more than once, "No. I want you to go on vacation."

So we did.

We're staying at the Acacia House Hotel, located in the middle of Bar Harbor village. It's a cute bed and breakfast run by a cute couple, Patty and Bruce. We're saying in a room with a bathroom that's the same size, if not bigger, than the room itself. The bed is squeaky and the television is tiny. But that's all right because we didn't come to watch television. There's also a balcony off the bathroom, a good sized one that has a nice view of the hotel next to ours.

Our first hike was a very short easy one. We went on the Bar Island trail, which is only accessible during low tide. Then you can walk across the ocean floor to Bar Island where there's a short trail to some decent views of Bar Harbor village and Cadillac Mountain and such. It's the kind of hike on which one can wear sandals and not day hikers. I tried to get Joe to do funny things so I could take pictures of him but he refused. My brother, Jake, is always fun to go on trips with because together we take several funny pictures. On our way back, a New York mom stopped us and asked if we'd be willing to take a picture of her group. The reason I know she was from New York is because her son, probably ten or twelve at most, gave me a big "Oh hell no!" to me taking his picture. Why, you might ask? I originally thought it was because he didn't want his picture taken but no, that wasn't the reason at all.

My Boston Red Sox hat was.

Yep, that's right. The kid was a Yankees fan and was so violently opposed to Boston fans that he didn't even want me to touch his mother's camera.

I was nice and took off the hat and took the pictures. The second picture I took, I even said, "Everyone say Derek Jeter!" and didn't add my customary "sucks" at the end of it.

Then I told the kid how some of my best friends are Yankees fans and I still consider them my best friends. I hope it was a valuable life lesson for him.

Then we went to dinner at McKay's Public House where I was feeling adventurous and ordered a double chocolate stout beer. It was like chocolate flavored Guinness. Joe tried some and said he could really taste the chocolate. I could smell it but I didn't taste it at all. I had a nice buzz going on pretty early into my pint (Yes, it comes in pints!) which was something Joe couldn't understand until I pointed out that I weigh about as much as a thirteen year old so I can't really hold my beer as well as some. Still, it was fun.

We went back to the hotel just in time for Quiet Hours to begin (9pm to keep the noise down!).

Today, we went on another easy hike, longer than the Bar Island Trail, but still no elevation gain or anything like that. We decided to tackle the Great Meadow Loop trail. A couple of years ago, Joe and I hiked part of the trail and spent a portion of the time walking back and forth between two signs each saying "Great Meadow Loop Trail .1 Miles" and each pointing in opposite directions. We finally figured out where to go when a local bus driver stopped, thinking we needed a ride. She pointed out the correct path. This time, we thought we had it down. And we did...for the most part. We did have a couple of "Uh...which way do we go?" moments but, nothing as bad as that first attempt. I took some pictures that I would post here if I knew how to post pictures in this blog.

Anyway, we spent the afternoon at the local library's book sale (25 cent paperbacks and 50 cent hardcovers!) where Joe found a C++ book that with which he's now enamored. We had giant ice cream cones (small, my ass!) and are now killing time before we head off to Reel Pizza to enjoy a gourmet pizza pie and a showing of The Hurt Locker. I hear it's pretty good, so I'll be sure to let you know how we like it.

Tomorrow we're going to tackle the Jordon Pond Loop trail, a 3.4 mile excursion around Jordon Pond to be followed by Chinese food at the restaurant where Joe and I ate last year and Joe thought the waitress had a (and I quote) "nice pooper."

Boy, am I proud.


  1. I am soooooo jealous! I love Bar Harbor and Acadia. We take the camper up, but haven't been in a few years. I love the Jordan Pond loop and the Eagle Lake loop. The Bubbles, the Jordan Pond House and lawn.

    And Bar Harbor is so dog friendly. We would bring our dogs into most of the stores. We had dinner on the patio of The Parkside Restaurant off the the square one year, and the waiter brought bowls of water for our dogs before bringing glasses of water to us.

    And don't you love the buses? They're so convenient. We usually go in June and I hit the Asticou Azalea Gardens, (I think it's in Northeast Harbor) every year. It is absolutely gorgeous.

    Sigh. I can't wait to get back up there. Have a fantastic time!

  2. We love Bar Harbor too. It's pretty much become a yearly event for us. We've never brought our dogs though. One of them would be absolutely miserable (he's more a couch potato than a hiker) and the other would love the hiking but she's very anxiety ridden so the crowds in the village would be too overwhelming for her. So I am going through some serious dog withdrawal right now but we love Bar Harbor so much.

    The buses are great. We usually stay somewhere right in town and leave the car and take the buses everywhere during the week. Never had visited the Asticou Azalea gardens however.