Monday, August 31, 2009

August '09 Book Review

Handle With Care- Jodi Picoult- I didn’t much like this book. Not as much as some of the others I’ve read. Maybe I read it too close to My Sister’s Keeper or maybe something else, but it just left me irritated and mad. Just because you can kill a character, doesn’t mean you have to kill a character, Ms. Picoult. And I’m all for killing characters; I’m all for tragedy. But I don’t know. You have one disabled daughter, the second whose life is put on the back burner because of the first so the second acts out. There’s a courtroom scene. The lawyers have something going on in their life that miraculously mirrors the case upon which they’re working (Marin’s storyline/resolution was entirely unsatisfactory, by the way) and the mother characters spend a lot of time being entirely unlikeable. It just didn’t do anything for me.

Untamed- Elizabeth Lowell- Hadn’t read a good old fashioned bodice ripping romance in a while and came across this one at a library book sale so I thought I’d give it a try. And while it’s an old fashioned bodice ripping romance, I can’t say it’s a very good one. The extended falconry metaphor running through the majority of this novel was a little too over extended for my tastes. But how can you not love a novel that contains lines like “’Well, except a sword,’ he said huskily. ‘It will be quite hard but not it will not have one cutting edge. It will lie quite smoothly within your warm sheath.’” Anyway, there are two other books (that I know of) that trace the secondary characters in this book so look for those to appear here soon.

Forbidden- Elizabeth Lowell- The second in her series. I think it may be worse than the first one. These books are like the Sci Fi channel’s original movies. Totally awesomely bad. This is what Heather had to say about one of the sex scenes: “Are they having sex or taking a nature walk?” And you know what, some times I just wasn’t sure.

Enchanted- Elizabeth Lowell- The third in her series. I think this was the best of the three, which, granted, I know, isn’t saying a whole hell of a lot. There was a fire kindling metaphor that was a wee bit overwrought and an oral sex scene that made even me blush. Wondering if there’s another out there I just don’t know about yet. There was another male character who hasn’t yet met the woman of his dreams so I suspect so.

The Wild Hunt- Elizabeth Chadwick- The very first novel she wrote. It was reprinted and so I was able to get a copy. I like her books. They’re never overly deep but I like how she writes characters. Her male leads, in particular.

The Magicians- Lev Grossman- So, this was an interesting book. It's like a love letter to books like the Harry Potter series and Chronicles of Narnia and the like. References Harry Potter on more than one occasion. It's about a boy named Quentin who gets to go to magic school. The language is brilliant; Grossman is obviously flush with talent. I personally found the book to lull at some points. Not often and usually not for long, but yeah, some parts read slower than others. But it's extremely well written and entertaining. A great example of urban fantasy.

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