Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Pens

I love pens.

Maybe it's a writer thing. Maybe it isn't, I don't know, but I just love pens. Well, not all pens. But every now and then, I come across a pen that just begs me to pick it up and write something awesome with it. When this happens, I latch on the pen and carry it around with me everywhere because you never know when brilliance will strike (unfortunately, my brilliance, if there ever was any to begin with, seems to have gone on an extended vacation.).

Every now and then came around one evening, a couple of weeks ago, when Joe and I went out for dinner. We payed by credit card and when the waitress brought the check for me to sign, she gave me a pen. It was a Papermate clicky top pen and I didn't think anything of it until I went to fill in the tip and sign my name.

Oh. My. God.

I looked at Joe and said, "I love this pen."

Because, oh my, did it write nice. It was called the Papermate Silk Writer 1.6B (ironically, the Papermate Silk Writer 1.6B pen is not to be found on the papermate company website.), which was a very aptly named pen because it was certainly smooth. Like silk.

So, being the somewhat nice person I can be, I decided against stealing the waitress's pen, although the temptation to do the opposite was strong. Instead I made Joe take me to Staples so I could buy an entire package of my own papermate silk writer 1.6B pens. Joe, who after so many years of living with me, is used to these eccentric quirks and just went with it. He decided he could look at network storage devices while I freaked out over pens.

But this blog is not about network storage devices (whatever those are. I'm guessing they're like an off site storage unit or something. They look like little stereo speakers.). This blog is about my quest for the Papermate Silk Writer 1.6B pen.

Yeah. They didn't have any at Staples. Stupid Staples. So I made- I mean, asked politely with not at all a demanding tone- Joe drive me to Wal Mart so I could check there (My choices are limited in the Mount Washington Valley.) I struck out again at the other big box store in town and went home feeling sad.

The next day was the day I drove down to South Portland to see Star Trek. Afterward, I sucked Omar into my pen hunt. Again, without any success. And then, after that, I got busy. I know I never seem too overly busy, but it happens and I couldn't hunt for pens anymore.

Then this past Tuesday, I was sitting at the computer, staring out the window while I contemplated the ever elusive synopsis hook. This often degenerates into me surfing the internet and Tuesday was no exception. When I had hit all my usual sites, I decided to do a google search for the Papermate Silk Writer 1.6B pen.

Lots of product reviews came up. Some people, a lot of people, seemed to be as enamored with the pen as I was. One claimed to have been given it to sign a credit card slip and never gave it back. I nodded. If only I had done that.

But a long story made shorter, I ended up on the Staples website (where you can have product shipped to the store for free) and searched for my pen there. I found them. I ordered them (four packs worth...two black, two blue. Had there been other colors, I would have ordered those too. Just something to consider, Papermate.). I had them shipped to the store because I didn't really want to pay more in shipping than I would for the actual pens themselves.

And then I waited. And as you know, I am a very patient person.

The pens were due to arrive on Wednesday so the day was spent tracking the package over and over again so I could go to Staples as soon as it arrived to retrieve them. Because the sales people there would love that. I had a crazy vision of me being at the store when it opened at 8am so I could pick up my pens and drive immediately to the library where I would then proceed to write the best damn synopsis anyone has ever read.

Well, it didn't actually work out that way. If it had, do you think I'd really be blogging about new pens? I mean, I love pens and all, but I'd love a completed synopsis more. At 10:30pm, I received an email confirmation saying my order had arrived and was available for pick up (Because, as the website and the email both said, Staples does not deliver.) at my local Staples. Which was two and a half hours after the store had closed but fine, whatever.

So I went to pick them up this morning. It took the guys a while to find my package and I waited very patiently. Well, patiently for me anyway. I spent the time browsing through their catalog and found my pens listed there at a lower price than what I had paid through their website. Interesting. Decided I didn't care about that when the sales associate who had been sent to locate and retrieve my package returned with a little brown box.

I had to show him my driver's license (Interesting Side Story: I'm picking my niece up from school tomorrow and was instructed by my sister to make sure I have my license on me when I do so, in case the staff wants to look at it, because there are places that do that. It just made me laugh that I have to do the same to pick up an order of four packages of pens.) and then he asked me to sign.

"Where do I sign?" I asked, looking at the form. "Oh. Could it be where it says 'customer signature'?"

Sales Associate confirmed my line of thought. I signed and then handed the form back to him.

"I'm really a smart person," I said.

He nodded as though he was humoring me and then opened the box to show me that what I had ordered was actually inside. To his credit, he didn't laugh at all when I giggled and clapped my hands like a little gleeful girl who'd just been offered cotton candy at the circus.

"Do you want the box?" he asked.

"No," I said as I dove for the pens. "Thanks, I'm good."

And I was. Now all I need is for my muse to get back from vacation. Anyone know how to stop overthinking about something but not pushing it so far out of your mind that you, you know, don't work on the something at all?

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  1. Very enjoyable writing style. I to love this pen (not sure where it came from) and have been searching. Found some on Amazon, but even with free shipping (bundled with other items to make purchase $25+) a little pricey, and besides, I really am not as patient as you seem to be. Meanwhile, driving around town (Tempe/Scottsdale) with $3 plus per gallon gas finding this elusive writing instrument. Just figure they limit the supply as to much fun to use.