Friday, March 6, 2009

Television Week In Review (Week Ending 3/6/09)


Amazing Race: Mel and Mike are Number One!! Good for them. Victor/Vincent (don't know his name) and Tammy went from first to last because of some bad luck at the airport and then some very bad decision making at the detour. Tammy was right at the end when she said she needs to be more assertive because if she had, they wouldn't have wandered around the Romanian wilderness nearly as long as they did. I am actually proud of the teams who chose the gypsy moves challenge becasue I thought that would be an opening for many an ugly American moments but, for the most part, they were well behaved. The married couple, whose names I do not know and now have no need to know, had really bad luck in Amsterdam and ended up finishing last and were eliminated.

Jesse Stone: Thin Ice: Tom Selleck's back as Robert B. Parker's literary creation, Jesse Stone. I've enjoyed the movies they've done so far. This one started with Jesse sitting with homicide commander Healy (another beloved Parker character) in his car on a non-stakeout when someone comes and starts shooting up the car. I gasped/screamed and said, "They did not just kill Healy!!!" and Joe said, "Don't you already know what happens?" because the all the movies thus far have been based on Jesse Stone novels. This movie was not. They did not, by the way, kill off Healy. They did replace Molly however with Kathy Baker playing Rose. I know they did that a movie or two ago, but I don't think I was blogging about it then. The main mystery was Jesse dealing with the shooting. The secondary mystery felt like kind of a rushed waste. It had to do with a child kidnapped at birth...or shortly afterwards, anyway. I am surprised they have not made this into a regular series. Maybe Tom is afraid of commitment.

Legend of the Seeker: Well, Dick gets himself into more trouble and Zedd has to get him out of it. It was funny to hear Zedd all "Can't break another wizard's spell! That's against the rules!" when last week he spent the entire hour trying to break another wizard's spell. Just saying. Also worth noting: Kieran the Ancient Seeker and his wizard (whatever his name was) looked like rejects from the Braveheart set. And why don't any of the other Confessors (or most of the show's other female characters) have Kahlan's perfect hair? Do the hair and makeup people blow their entire budget on her perfect hair every week so that everyone else has to fend for themselves?


The Big Bang Theory: The opening was entirely unfunny. The rest of the episode was pretty amusing however. Joe was annoyed by the paint on the cushion thing, saying that it was just paint and water would've taken care of it, still Sheldon's reaction was priceless. Also loved Leonard's confession that Sheldon's Chinese restaurant went out of business two years ago and he bought four thousand food containers in which to put the food he bought from the other restaurant so that Sheldon would never know.

How I Met Your Mother: This was a very weird episode, but pretty funny. Barney saves all. I didn't much care for Ted in this episode but he wasn't given that much to do, either. Loved the end when Lily was faking a conversation with Marshall's mother. Ahh, the things we do for love.

Chuck: A good episode. Introduced a hot British secret agent. Oh, and Chuck and Sarah broke up (again) and then got back together (again) by the end of the hour because Sexy British Man got himself kidnapped and Chuck needed to go into twenty four hour special protection...which means that he and Sarah have to move in together. I like the show and like the cast but the whole Chuck/Sarah thing get tiring.


American Idol: The final group of twelve take the stage and most really suck. Nathaniel Mitchell wears his trademark headband and skinny jeans and always makes me think of this guy I worked with for a little while a few years back. This guy tried on the junior girls' jeans we had in the store, which fit him, but, as he lamented, did not have a lot of pocket room for his wallet and whatever. My response? "'s almost like those jeans were made for a twelve year old girl." Fortunately, he bought a bigger size than I did. Anyway, I mostly agreed with Simon on all things. I usually do. Lil Rounds was fantastic. Scott McIntyre will likely get through too. I have no idea who the third should be. As long as those two go through, I don't think I care who the third is.

Reaper: It's back. Finally. After a very long absence, so long, in fact, that I scarcely remember how the first season ended. Anyway, I haven't watched it yet which probably doesn't bode well for me watching it in the future. If I do watch it, you'll be the first to know!


American Idol Results: Well, Lil Rounds and Scott McIntyre and Jorge Nunez are sailing through to the top twelve. I tried to get a video of Lil singing up but couldn't seem to manage it, but she was great. Tomorrow night is the wild card round and for some reason (I'm guessing producers who want the drama), they are bringing Tatiana del Toro back. WHAAAAAT? Didn't you see Simon mocking her as she came down the stairs after her name was called?

Lie To Me: Well, I totally had both mysteries figured out about fifteen minutes into the show. I'd say that makes me like crazy smart but I think the show's actually crazy stupid. The writers should take lessons from the writers from Bones because they know how to give the audience necessary information without making a character more stupid than they should be. For example, one of the lie experts shouldn't be explaining to another lie expert why a subject is doing what he/she is doing. Find a nobody to stand there and say, "What you talkin' 'bout, Willis?" or something. P.S....this note goes out to the promo people: Lie To Me is NOT the next House.


American Idol Wild Card Show: So the judges picked eight people to whom they wanted to offer a second chance to make it to the top twelve. Three of them would make it through. Matt Giruad is awesome. And they picked him. They also picked the weird hip action girl...I think her name is Meghan. Jasmine Murray, the cute little sixteen year old is going through too. Props to weird hip action girl for being a big person about her spotlight being stolen by Tatiana Drama Queen, who did not make it through. Props to the judges for making the top twelve a top thirteen this year so that they could inclide fan favorite, the affable Anoop (don't know his last name.). Lots of good performances tonight but I think they made the right decision.

The Office: I wish this show would get its groove back. I laughed, I did, but not as long or as hard as I used to.

30 Rock: Any show that can pay tribute to Harry and the Hendersons is an awesome, kick ass show in my book.

Burn Notice: I want to be Fiona GlenAnn. She is so totally kick ass awesome. I want to be her. Anyway, pretty good season finale, lots of action and explosions. Must make note to remember to ricochet bullets off pavement into the undercarriage of cars if I'm ever in a high speed gun fight. New episodes return in June!


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Well, Cameron finally got to do something. Of course, she got to kill birds. Big Whoop. Annoying Riley's dead, shot by the mysterious Jessie, but according to next week's previews, everyone seems to think Cameron did it. Sucks to be her. Joe's still waiting for John Connor to actually be the leader because he's not the leader in any of the movies or this show, Sarah's the leader. I told him that's why it's called The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Dollhouse: This is a cool show. I really want to know where Joss is taking it because, well, because it's Joss's brainchild and that man is brilliant. Plus, I really want to know who Alpha is. I understand that it's a big secret that Joss is trying desperately to keep under wraps. This only makes me want to know more. But not until Joss decides he wants us to know. I am nothing if not loyal.

Battlestar Galactica: YOU KNOW THE SPOILER DRILL BY NOW, KIDDOS!!! Anyway, a bit of a disappointment, this episode was, given how frakking awesome last week's was. I expected this week to be more...explosive, you know? If there weren't only three episodes left (this week included), then I probably would be more zen about it. But as it is, I want answer. I want big fat answers. And I guess Baltar confirming that the blood on the dog tags Kara took from her earth corpse is a DNA match to the living Kara was something, but, I mean, I already knew they were the same...what I don't know is HOW THAT'S FREAKING POSSIBLE. Oh, and they made Anders into a hybrid floating around (well, not really floating) in a big pool of goo who now spouts things like "There's a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza..." and "You are the harbinger of death, Kara Thrace. You will lead them to their end." Not that we know what that means either. One last though: the magical moveable cylon colony looks like a very creepy place and I hope Boomer is proud of her sad, sorry self. End of line.

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